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Alexandrite Jewelry - June Birthstone

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June and is a rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl, nicknamed "Emerald by day, ruby by night." A pleochroic gem, alexandrite jewelry appears green in natural or fluorescent light and changes to a brownish or purplish-red in incandescent light or the light of a fire.
Round Alexandrite & Diamond Scalloped Halo Post Earrings in White Gold 3ZZZE2071 0.00 These stunning 14K white gold post earrings make a swoon-worthy gift for a June birthday. Each alexandrite is encircled by a floral-inspired scalloped diamond halo.&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>A pleochroic gem, Alexandrite jewelry appears green in natural or fluorescent light, changing to a brownish or purplish red in incandescent light or the light of a fire.&nbsp;</div> Borsheims
Rectangle Cushion Alexandrite & Diamond Frame Pendant in White Gold AZZZD0030 0.00 A rectangular cushion cut alexandrite stars as the striking centerpiece of this classic pendant. The pleochroic alexandrite radiates a deep sea-green hue in natural or fluorescent light, but changes to brownish-red in incandescent or firelight. An octagonal halo of diamonds lights up the center stone, set with care in 18K white gold.&nbsp;<div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> Borsheims
Heart Shaped Ruby & Alexandrite Bypass Ring with Diamond Halo in White Gold 3RUBR0573 0.00 This heart-shaped ruby and alexandrite bypass ring is an intricate traditional element of beauty, with its overlapping band made of 18K gold. A ruby heart weighing 1.43 ct is nestled against a small heart made of alexandrite weighing in at 0.40 ct to complete a sparkling scheme. The alexandrite stone appears to change color under different sources of light.<div><br></div><div><div>Due to the style of this ring, each piece must be made specific to finger size.&nbsp; For more information, please text 402.391.0400.<br></div></div> Borsheims
Oval Alexandrite Ring with Diamond Scalloped Halo In Rose Gold with White Gold Shank 3ZZZR1970 0.00 An 18K rose gold diamond scalloped halo brings eye-catching appeal to this glimmering two-tone gemstone ring. Offering a classic touch to any wardrobe, the ring boasts an oval alexandrite center stone. Alexandrite is a color-changing gemstone that appears blue-green in natural or fluorescent light and brownish-red in incandescent or firelight.<div><br></div><div><div>Certain sizes may not be available for immediate delivery. Additional sizes may be available by special order. For more information, please text 402.391.0400.</div></div><div><br></div> Borsheims
Alexandrite & Diamond Open Teardrop Halo Pendant in Yellow Gold 3ST000207 0.00 This stunning alexandrite pendant uses negative space to a modern, eye-catching effect. The .35 carat round alexandrite is snugly balanced with 4 prongs inside an open teardrop halo of glittering diamonds. Fashioned in 18K yellow gold, the pear shaped pendant is accented by a larger round bezel set diamond on the bail. Borsheims
Pear Shaped Alexandrite & Diamond Scalloped Milgrain Halo Pendant in White Gold 3ST000873 0.00 <div>The stunning, deep green sparkle of this pear-shaped alexandrite pendant adds richness and elegance to a formal ensemble. The exquisite center stone is surrounded by sparkling diamonds and luxurious 18k white gold.</div> Borsheims
Alexandrite & Diamond Clover Ring in White Gold 3ST001519 0.00 Made with elegant, 14k white gold, this alexandrite clover ring adds beauty and boldness to any ensemble. Elevated by dazzling, round diamonds, this exquisite accessory is the picture of modern luxury.<div><br></div><div>Certain sizes may not be available for immediate delivery. For more information, please text 402.391.0400.<br></div> Borsheims
Oval Alexandrite & Diamond Halo Ring in White Gold 3ST003166 0.00 A stunning everyday jewelry piece for those who celebrate June birthdays, this Alexandrite and diamond ring is a stunner. A slender white gold band with scintillating round diamonds reaches into the oval Alexandrite focal piece, creating a halo that accents the center gemstone.<div><br></div><div>Ring is available for immediate delivery in a size 7. Please allow 1-3 business days for our jewelers to adjust the ring to other sizes offered. For more information, please text 402.391.0400.<br></div> Borsheims