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Find The Best Men’s Wedding Bands at Borsheims’ YES! Event

A lot of focus is put on finding the perfect engagement ring for a proposal. But what happens after the big “Yes”? Both partners must plan a wedding, a life and just as crucially, find a wedding band they love. Find a women’s wedding band seems easy enough as you’ll want it to “match” the engagement ring but what about men’s wedding bands? The same consideration of style, budget and wearability that went into the engagement ring purchase is necessary for wedding band purchases. With our Semi-Annual YES! Event happening October 4-5th, we look at three crucial factors in picking the ideal men’s band.

Metals Matter

Many soon to be grooms may wonder what the “toughest” men’s wedding bands are. Depending on their career or lifestyle, this can be an essential factor when purchasing an item they will ideally wear every day. All men’s wedding bands start with a metal base, then depending on the style may have inlays, diamonds are other “add ons.” The metal choice is most important as some metals are better for sensitive skin; some may be “unbreakable” and some may require more maintenance to retain their original appearance. Below are the top five popular metal choices for men’s bands:

GoldGold is the number one metal choice for many as it is available in yellow, white and rose color and can be constructed in any setting style. Unfortunately, gold is also a very malleable metal, so everyday wear is cautioned against if your job is very physical. Because gold is mixed with alloys it also may contain nickel with some people have sensitivities to. Gold rings will require regular polishing and buffing. White gold wedding bands, in particular, will also require rhodium plating.

PlatinumPlatinum is a rare metal making it a more expensive ring choice, but it’s durability more than makes up in cost per wear. It is also hypoallergenic, so an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Even when worn every day, platinum wedding bands will show minimal wear or tear, making it suitable for more active individuals.

Palladium – For the same platinum look and similar durability for a lower price, palladium is an ideal choice. This lightweight metal is perfect for active lifestyles and is also hypoallergenic.

TungstenTungsten is highly resistant to scratches making it another ideal choice for those with more hands-on jobs. These bands often end up being the most creative and stylish as they come in a variety of colors like white, gray and black and often feature creative inlays from wood to ceramic. Due to tungsten’s hardness, it cannot be resized or set with gemstones.

Mixed Metals – For those who can’t decide on just one metal choice, mixed metal rings are a great option. They combine the benefits of the metals chosen and stand out compared to more plain single metal bands.

Wedding Band Costs

Similar to purchasing an engagement ring, it is essential to have a budget when shopping for wedding bands. Depending on the style and metals, a men’s wedding band can range from as low as $130 (like this white tungsten band) to as expensive as $6,000 for a decked-out white gold band with diamonds. A general rule is platinum is more expensive than gold, and the more straight forward the style, the less additional costs for things like diamond accents.

Starting with a price range you are comfortable with will allow you to see a variety of options that won’t break the bank while still fitting your style. And if your dream band is a little bit out of reach, jewelers like Borsheims offer many options like layaway and financing to make sure you purchase the right ring for you.

Who Buys the Man’s Wedding Band

While most couples decide to shop for wedding bands together, who ends up purchasing the men’s band is up to you. Many brides want to buy the men’s band since their partner purchased the engagement ring (and will most likely buy the bride’s wedding band). Other couples opt to purchase jointly, cementing their commitment to their new shared life.

Now that you are armed with some essential wedding band knowledge, we encourage you to visit us during our Semi-Annual Yes! Event. Our largest wedding band event of the year, Borsheims has exclusive trunk collections from makers like Precision Set, Frederick Goldman and more in-store for just two days.

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