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Find The Perfect Ring At Borsheims’ YES! Event

Twice a year, hundreds of couples descend upon Borsheims’ Semi-Annual YES! Event to find their perfect wedding band or engagement ring. Vendors including Kirk Kara, Precision Set and more bring in inventory, including new designs not yet in store, for lovebirds to browse while they sip champagne. Couples looking for unique rings to symbolize their bond can find something to fit every price range with the help of sales associates and vendors on hand for the most engaging two-day ring event in Omaha.

This semi-annual engagement “trunk show” is equal parts event and experience, allowing couples to figure out what they want out of everything engagement and wedding from the previously mentioned ring or wedding bands, registering for wedding gifts, finding wedding jewelry (or an engagement watch) and so much more.

To truly get a feel for this event, we interviewed two Borsheims’ couples about how the Semi-Annual YES! Event and sales associate Deb McAtee helped them find their perfect rings.

Borsheims Couple: Elliott Robb and Nick Stanley

Borsheims Couple Elliott Robb & Nick Stanley

Tell us a little about you and your partner. When did you attend the YES! Event and when did you get engaged?

Elliott – Nick and I met at work and have six wonderful cats (who are like our children). We attended our first YES! Event two years ago in the fall of 2016. We were engaged last fall in Sept. of 2017.


What made you decide to get your rings from Borsheims? What was the added appeal of doing so during the YES! Event?

We’d always wanted to purchase our rings from Borsheims, the quality is second to none and the people are amazing. Deb won us over in the first five minutes of talking with her.


How was your overall YES! Event experience? Working with Deb?

The event was so much fun! YES! has a great vibe, excitement and getting to personally meet the dealers was a great experience. Deb is just amazing. She knows us so well, our style, and our story. She’s the best! It was a dream come true to meet with Michael at Precision Set. We were able to essentially design the ring we’ve always wanted with Deb and Michael’s expert advice.


Was this your first Borsheims purchase?

Nick – Elliott has purchased watches and other jewelry at Borsheims before. He had raved about the experience so we went together and we wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.


Did you purchase the ring during your visit or on a follow-up visit?

Yes! Nick and I purchased the day of, and eventually bought our other engagement and wedding bands from Precision Set. I guess you could say we are a Borsheims/Precision Set family!


Did you register with Borsheims at or after the event?

We are set to be married in the Fall of 2020, so we sure will be!


Would you recommend YES! Event to other couples?

Absolutely! At Borsheims, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with the experts, talking through all their options and it’s so much fun. We’re going to be wearing our rings for forever, so we wanted to make it special.

Nick & Elliott engagement

Borsheims Couple: Amy & Tommy Stinn

Borsheims Couple Amy & Tommy Stinn

Tell us a little about you and your partner. When did you get engaged?

Amy – I’m a registered nurse at Boys Town and Tommy works for a Denver-based company dealing with increasing credit scores. We were best friends and have known each other for 15 years but started dating just over two years ago. He proposed to me on November 12th, 2017.


What made you decide to get your wedding bands from Borsheims? What was the added appeal of doing so during the YES! Event?

They were a Berkshire company and had the best ratings anywhere around us so we figured we’d give it a shot. Tommy had already purchased the engagement ring sometime in October or November, so we went to the [March] YES! Event looking for deals on our wedding rings.


How was your overall YES! Event experience?

We attended together. It was a great experience. The event was very well organized. We talked to a few vendors and everyone was very helpful and extremely professional. Deb was amazing from the 1st time Tommy went in to look at engagement rings, all the way past the purchase of our wedding bands.


Was this your first Borsheims purchase?

The engagement ring purchase was the first purchase either of us ever made from Borsheims. We loved the experience so much that we returned for the wedding bands.


What was your favorite aspect of the event?

The pricing was good, the fact there were snacks and drinks there also helped. We ended up at Borsheims for approximately two hours that day, so it was nice to have something to eat and drink while browsing around the store. We also loved that all the vendors were so helpful in matching my engagement ring to my wedding band.


What is your favorite Borsheims Signature Service benefit?

Free ring cleaning is always nice, all the tips Deb provided help delay how often that needs to be done.


Would you recommend YES! Event to other couples?

Absolutely! Furthermore, we’d recommend Deb as a point of contact. She is extremely pleasant to work with and makes sure the purchase you are about to make is the one you want. Never pushed us into buying something more expensive or outside our price zone.

Borsheims engagement ring and wedding bands
 The Borsheims’ Semi-Annual YES! Event is this weekend September 21- 22nd in Regency.
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