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Getting Crafty: Reusing Your Fancy Candle Jars

One of the biggest perks to decorating your home for fall? All the amazing seasonal candles available like evergreen and cider. And with more family and friends visiting, your sure to run through some of your stash before winter takes over. This year, extend the joy these candles bring you by finding ways to repurpose the candle jars.

More than just an Instagram trend, upcycling your candle containers is an environmentally friendly way to decorate, store things, entertain and get the most bang for your buck. So clean out that last bit of wax in your favorite Nest or Rustico tumbler and read on for some fun and practical ways to reuse your candle jars.

Drinking Glasses

Candle jars are the perfect size/shape to transform into glasses for parties and entertaining. Collect and upcycle similar candle container styles or mix and match to offset your existing bar accessories or serveware.

Storage Container

Organize your life by designating candle jars to hold certain knick-knacks like pens, paper clips, keepsakes and more.

Small Vase

Candle jars are the perfect size to showcase a few small blooms. It brightens up any space and you save on having to buy a whole bouquet.

Makeup Organizer

Makeup brushes, q-tips, compacts and lipsticks all can fit into a repurposed candle holder! Pick a jar that’s frosted or has a cool design to match your bathroom décor.

Toothbrush holder

Upgrade your plastic toothbrush cup for a nice candle jar. The glass container will also be easy to clean out during your weekly bathroom clean-up (you are cleaning your bathroom once a week right)?

Succulent/Flower Pot

Start working on your green thumb and plant a succulent or small flower bulb. These super low maintenance flora last longer than cut flowers and are relatively easy to keep alive (just don’t overwater them).

Food Prep Containers / Pinch Pots

Become the Top Chef you’ve always wanted to be and use your upcycled candle jars to store spices and ingredients while cooking. Mise en place (having all your ingredients prepped and at the ready) speeds up the cooking process and generally makes you look like a cooking pro.


Upgrade that random jar of souvenir matchboxes for a classy match jar. Glue a strike strip to the bottom of your container, fill with matches and replace with the candle jar. Now you have everything you need to light more candles!