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Graduation Gifts They Need (But May Not Ask For)

After countless hours of study, presentations, projects and finals they’ve finally done it. Someone you know is going to graduate! While they are getting ready for the “real world” you get the fun task of finding the perfect graduation gift to celebrate their accomplishment. High up on their list is probably gift cards or money but for those wanting a more personal gift that they will love but not necessarily ask for, look no further. Our helpful guide to graduation gifts will help your favorite grad start the next chapter of their story/journey with gifts that range from practical to personal.

Business Card Holders

For some graduates, the next step is starting their first real job, or at least, their first job where they have their own business cards and title. A slick business card holder will keep them all within arms reach so they can network with the best of them.

Accessories / Jewelry for Work

A new job also means a new wardrobe, or at the very least, some new accessories to dress up their “intern” clothes. For a classic look with a contemporary spin, look for modern necklaces or bracelets with pearl accents, updated diamond bars and pieces that can be worn solo or layered.

Nice Wallet

Though your graduate may not be rolling in the dough yet, a nice new wallet can still be a useful gift, especially if they need to carry around things like work badges or public transit cards.

Upgraded Barware / Entertaining Essentials

Now is the perfect time for your graduate to put those Solo cups to the side (or in the trash). Upgrade their home bar with a fancy serving tray, sleek bottle chiller or real glassware. It will be perfect for impressing their new colleagues.

Nice(r) Watch

A perennial graduation gift, you can never go wrong with gifting a graduate a nice watch. Help them kick their procrastination habit with a casual everyday timepiece or something they can pull out for a big occasion like dinner with their boss.

Updated Home Decor

Whether they’re headed to the dorms next year or moving into a new apartment what better way to celebrate their new place than gifting them new home decor. From frames to put their graduation pictures into items that add some personality or character, you can kill two birds with one stone with a graduation slash housewarming gift.

Travel Accessories

Some grads plan a gap year and go out to explore and find themselves after graduation. Some grads just take a weekend trip to celebrate this new chapter in their life. All grads need quality travel essentials to make the trip easier.

Jewelry / Accessories in Their School Colors

For those not interested in the traditional class ring, jewelry in their school colors is a nice subtle nod to their alma mater.

Symbols of Achievement

Less obvious than a graduation cap charm, one of our favorite on-trend symbols of achievement are owls which represent wisdom. It’s a great way to maintain an emotional connection to this special accomplishment and moment in their life in a subtle way.

Gifts of Affirmation

Make sure your graduate is taking the time to celebrate this huge accomplishment and the feeling of endless possibilities ahead. Help them hold onto this feeling with gifts they can take along wherever they head next for a bit of continued inspiration.

Bonus Ideas


Bling Box

Can’t quite decide what to get the new grad? Our bling boxes take the guesswork out of the equation. Each curated collection includes a mix of jewelry box staples.


For the grad with plans to mark their mark on the world, compasses represent exploration, guidance, travel and adventure.

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