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Mined This Month: Volume 11

Mined this Month is your latest gems from around the Internet.  This month’s highlights include “eco-friendly” lab-grown diamonds, a unique proposal idea from Canada, a look at how World War I changed watches and tips for finding the perfect anniversary ring.

Certain lab grown diamonds may soon qualify for a sustainabily grown certification. Six lab-grown diamond companies and retailers (including Swarovski created diamonds available at Borsheims) have signed up for a pilot program that will audit their environmental, social, and governance performance against preset criteria.

If last month’s Fashion Weeks were any indication green will be the ‘it” color for 2020. Make sure to add some emeralds or peridots to your holiday wish list. 

Supersticious about opals? Face your fears like one JCK editor did recently and add this versatile gemstone to your spooky month arsenal.

Watch out Apple, Amazon is officially in the wearables game with the announcement of their Alexa-Enabled Smart Ring.

Big anniversary coming up? These tips will help you find the perfect anniversary ring to mark the milestone.

This article combines two of our favorite things: watches and a history lesson.  How World War I Changed Watches Forever.

And just in time for all the holiday proposals you’re sure to see on social media, one man in Canada proposes to girlfriend with a carrot he grew inside her engagement ring.

Over on the West Coast a California woman dreamed about eating engagement ring — woke up to find she really did.

To round things out we have a spotlight on two Borsheims makers: get a peek inside a day in the life of Kendra Scott and learn more abou how Gurhan is supporting the Amazon rainforest.

opal rings
That’s what was mined this month from the interwebs.  XOXO until next time.