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Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry

One of the most memorable moments of your upcoming wedding will be the second you make your grand entrance and everyone gets their first peek. Without a doubt, your wedding dress is the most important piece of your bridal ensemble. However, careful consideration should be paid to your wedding day jewelry. Here are a few tips for selecting bridal jewelry that perfects your wedding day wardrobe.

Choose Colors that Complement the Dress

The rule of thumb for bridal jewelry is that metal colors should complement the dress: silver works well with white dresses, gold tones with ivory, and even rose gold with blush shades. However, don’t feel pressured to include your engagement ring and wedding band in this rule. You can use the remainder of your pieces to complete your look.

Necklace Selection

A good starting point when selecting your necklace is consideration of the neckline of your dress. When it comes to more ornate necklines, such as halter, one-shoulder, and illusion, it’s best to go sans necklace and use earrings and a bracelet to complement your dress instead. These necklines are designed to grab the attention, and adding an accessory can compete rather than enhance.

The sweetheart neckline is a popular style for wedding dresses. This heart-shaped cut pairs well with shorter, more delicate necklaces. The Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Swirl Pendant or the Diamond Curved Bar Necklace are elegant options.

If your wedding gown has a straight neckline, you have a variety of necklace styles to choose from. A statement necklace, such as the Diamond Cluster Spike Necklace or the Phillips House Large Infinity Diamond Necklace, is a bolder option. If your style is more delicate, try a pendant necklace such as the Kalahari Dream Diamond Necklace or the Frederic Sage Diamond Double Interlocking Mini Circle Pendant. Or, if you’d rather go with a classic and timeless bridal favorite, choose the TARA Pearls strand & earring set.

If you have opted for a more daring gown with a plunging neckline, a Y-shaped or lariat necklace follows the neckline well. Consider the Swarovski Lifelong Y Pendant in rose gold.

Earring Selection

When considering earrings, you should take into account both your metal colors and your necklace. If your ideal wedding day ensemble includes more extravagant jewelry pieces, use either your earrings or necklace to make a statement, but not both. The Marika Teardrop Earrings with Single Diamond Station are a striking way to adorn the face. For a smaller selection that still exudes elegance, try the Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl & Diamond Chandelier Earrings. The Halo Diamond Stud Earrings are a stunning addition that would work well with almost any gown. Finally, these 18K Princess Diamond or TARA Pearls Akoya Cultured Pearl studs are timeless bridal jewelry classics.

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Bracelet Selection

When it comes to your wedding day jewelry, bracelets add just a touch more embellishment, especially if you have opted out of a necklace. Consider a delicate option such as the Phillips House Petite Infinity Love Always Pave Diamond Wire Bracelet or the Swarovski Louison Silver Bracelet.

Something Blue

In keeping with wedding tradition, many brides choose to use a piece of their jewelry to incorporate their “something blue”. Sapphires are probably the most well-known blue gemstone. The Pear Shaped Sapphire & Diamond Pendant and Pear Shaped Sapphire & Diamond Twist Halo Dangle Earrings are stunning pieces that are perfect for the occasion. For a brighter hue, blue topaz jewelry may be worn, such as the Oval Blue Topaz & Round Diamond Alternating Station Bracelet.

On the other hand, if you’d rather have a more subtle shade of blue, try a piece with an aquamarine gemstone. The Cushion Checkerboard Aquamarine with Milgrain Bezel Pendant, Cushion Aquamarine & Diamond Milgrain Quatrefoil Dangle Earrings and Emerald Cut Blue Zircon Bezel Set Stud Earrings are dazzling choices.

Sentimental Meanings

Your wedding is the perfect occasion to select pieces that have sentimental value. The wedding jewelry is the only part of your ensemble that you will continue to wear after your special day, especially as you celebrate anniversaries in the years to come. Wedding jewelry can become heirloom pieces, and may even serve as the “something borrowed” element for future brides in the family that you create together.

Some pieces have inherent sentimental value. Sapphires are the birthstone for September birthdays and are also used to celebrate 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. In the same manner, aquamarines are the birthstone for March birthdays and are used to celebrate 18th wedding anniversaries. You may choose pieces that are designed to convey a special meaning, such as the Swarovski Lifelong Bow Necklace (tying the knot), the Alessandra Dona Rhodolite Garnet Cluster Stud Earrings (romance), or the Diamond Infinity Necklace (forever).

You may also choose to use nontraditional jewelry that holds special meaning. An heirloom cocktail ring may be an option, but remember to wear it on your right hand – your engagement ring and wedding band are the center of attention on the left. The Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace may be worn for religious sentiment. Finally, a winter wedding may be the occasion for the Atelier Swarovski DIAMA Created Diamond Bloom Sunburst Pendant and stud earrings.

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Be Your Most Beautiful YOU

An essential element to consider when selecting your wedding day jewelry is YOU. When you look back at those cherished wedding photos, you want to recognize the bride! Choose pieces that fit your style, and remember not to over-bling! If your dress is highly ornamental, opt for simpler jewelry pieces. Keep in mind that a classic look for bridal jewelry is always a winner, as trendy selections may become dated very quickly.

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