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Decanters & Carafes

Decanters and carafes are often an overlooked home accessories. A good multitasker, they serve well for beverages but also make stylish vases and decor elements.
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Miller Rogaska Soho Square Decanter 6BARW0247 0.00 Known for its brilliant clarity, each piece of Miller Rogaska crystal has been crafted with a unique attention to detail by a dedicated group of European artisans. The Soho crystal collection is a handsome and modern choice. Borsheims
Waterford Lismore Ship's Decanter 6HFCD0025 0.00 Waterford Lismore Ship's Decanter will improve the taste and aesthetics of fine wine, cordial, brandy or spirits by decanting them into the decanter. Traditional decanter styling contrasts stylishly with Lismore's dramatic diamond and wedge cuts, to result in a beautiful decanter that combines intricate detailing with the comforting weight and stability of Waterford's hand-crafted, fine crystal. Waterford Crystal
Match Pewter In Vino Veritas Decanter 6BARW0055 0.00 Crafted in glass and pewter, an alloy of tin, copper and antimony, this carafe makes a beautiful presentation. Measuring 9.1" high, this piece is finished with a beautifully detailed band around the neck. Match
Baccarat Mille Nuits Decanter Stand 6BARW0688 0.00 This Baccarat Clear crystal Mille Nuits coaster elegantly protects your furniture when you open and savor a bottle of <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> quality vintage. Baccarat
Jan Barboglio Tito Decanter 6BARW0393 0.00 A hand blown vessel created in a&nbsp;robust style emblematic of old world craftsmanship, the Jan Barboglio Tito Decanter will add distinction and flair to any bar. Jan Barboglio
Juliska Ophelia Carafe 6BARW0835 0.00 <p>With the versatile Ophelia carafe, Juliska has&nbsp;taken a classic carafe and bedecked it with a bit of bejeweled glassware splendor to make everything from ice water to wine look divine for any occasion.</p> <p>&bull;Measurements: 5"W, 9.5"H <br /> &bull;Capacity: 1 Quart <br /> &bull;Made of Mouth-Blown Glass <br /> &bull;Dishwasher safe on a warm delicate cycle, Hand washing preferred. <br /> &bull;Made in Czech Republic </p> Juliska
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Baccarat Chateau Decanter, 43 oz 6BARW0925 0.00 Baccarat Chateau Decanter, 43oz. Decanting a wine releases its aromas and smoothes out the tannins. Inspired by the taste-vin silhouette that sommeliers use, this shape aerates the wine and allows it to achieve its fullest aromatic body. The wide base tapers at the neck to opens up the notes and fill the vessel with a concentration of rich complexity. The Ch&acirc;teau Baccarat collection takes into account the changes in the wine market and has, accordingly, crafted a stylish and cunning shape. Perfectly suited to the discerning vintage connoisseur, it is a sophisticated bar accessory worthy of any festive soir&eacute;e. The Ch&acirc;teau Baccarat wine glasses complement the decanter with their equally exquisite form. Baccarat
Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe 6BARW0973 0.00 Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe is purposefully designed to aerate wines prior to serving, this crystal accent piece enhances both white and red wines. Decanting allows wine to attain clarity and color while enabling the flavor to develop. The Decanting Carafe is shaped to achieve most favorable results from the decanting process. The long, slender neck enables the wine to run unreservedly down the sides, while the flared base permits air exposure to a larger surface area of wine. Designed to add casual elegance to every day use. Waterford Crystal
Juliska Graham Whiskey Decanter 6BARW1070 0.00 <div>From Juliska's Graham Collection- Crowned with a simple thread and single berry, dressed in optic glass from the waist down and belted with a charming sash, this handsome decanter is worthy of your best single malt.&nbsp;</div><div>•Measurements: 6"W x 9"H</div><div>•Capacity: 1 Qt</div><div>•Bohemian Glass is Mouth-Blown in the Czech Republic.</div><div>•Dishwasher safe, Warm gentle cycle.</div><div>•Not suitable for hot contents, freezer or microwave use.</div><div><br></div> Juliska
Juliska Carine Whiskey Decanter 6BARW1071 0.00 From the Carine Collection- Subtly shimmering and textural this satisfyingly sturdy mouth-blown glass decanter will set alight your bar cart. <li>Measurements: 7"H</li> <li>Capacity: 1 Qt</li> <li>Made of Mouth-Blown Glass</li> <li>Dishwasher safe. Warm gentle cycle. Hand washing is recommended for large or highly decorated pieces</li> <li>Not suitable for hot contents, freezer or microwave use</li> Juliska
Baccarat Rohan Decanter 6BARW1170 0.00 The Baccarat Rohan decanter is a stunning vessel in which to decant a young wine and releases its full flavor. It not only helps a fine vintage achieve its full integrity; it is also a stunningly crafted piece. The intricate detail is balanced by unadorned components: a slender neck, a rounded bevel-cut stem and a circular foot. The Clear crystal base and neck each luminously refract the light, while the embellished pattern beautifully allays its intensity. A pure Clear crystal stopper crowns the silhouette. The Rohan collection further includes champagne flutes, glasses and old-fashioned tumblers. Baccarat
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Baccarat Harmonie Whiskey Decanter 6BARW1365 0.00 The Harmonie square whiskey decanter in clear crystal stands like a crystal column, at once understated and elegant. The classic shape with delicate engraved lines creates a play on texture that produces a stunning effect. Baccarat
Jan Barboglio Guadalupe Decanter, Green 6BARW1029 0.00 Mouth blown glass Jan Barboglio decanter with laurel engraving and nickel rose topper. Jan Barboglio
Simon Pearce Woodstock Decanter 6BARW1207 0.00 With the same voluminous shapeliness of Simon Pearce Woodstock Collection’s corresponding stemware and tumblers, this rounded decanter flaunts a stable base, sturdy proportions and our signature satisfying heft. Simon Pearce
Simon Pearce Woodbury Cocktail Carafe 6BARW1208 0.00 A Simon Pearce signature, contemporary angles and brilliant flat panes are the cornerstones of Woodbury’s DNA. We created this slim carafe to align with the simplicity of its sister silhouettes. Perfect for drinks for two – or as an angular vessel for flowers or fronds. Simon Pearce
Georg Jensen Cobra Pitcher 6PTCH0145 0.00 Attracting the eye with its almost liquid expression, the designs create a dynamic presence on any table – and their functionality makes them a perfect choice for a stylish addition to the home. Georg Jensen
Jan Barboglio Respeto Decanter 6BARW1244 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio clear glass decanter with dual purpose cork and screw, wooden cross stopper and iron coaster.</div><div><ul><li>Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 14"<br></li><li>Care instructions: Hand wash removable glass decanter. Soft dry cloth on wooden topper and stand.<br></li></ul></div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Simon Pearce Ascutney Decanter 6BARW1343 0.00 Inspired by a vintage design Simon spotted while traveling through Morocco with Pia, this shapely vessel realizes the curves of antiquity in brilliant clear glass and is topped a pleasing spherical stopper. A shapely addition to Simon’s signature barware line.<div><br></div><div>-Capacity: 26 oz<br></div><div><div>-Dishwasher-safe, though hand washing is recommended.</div><div>-Use a mild detergent on a warm, gentle cycle.</div><div>-Not intended for use in microwaves or ovens.</div><div>-Do not expose glass to extreme heat changes, such as filling with hot liquid or placing in the freezer. A shock in temperature can cause fractures.</div></div> Simon Pearce
Jan Barboglio El Pilo Decanter 6BARW1316 0.00 The Jan Barboglio El Pilo Decanter is a cut crystal decanter with a hand forged iron spinning spur stopper. Jan Barboglio
Waterford Elegance Carafe Optic 6BARW0924 0.00 Waterford Elegance Optic is an excellent choice for daily use, offering subtle decoration for a relaxed yet elegant feel.&nbsp; Capacity 33oz. Waterford Crystal
Match Extra Tall Carafe 6BARW1094 0.00 This Match Carafe is a great addition to your Match Bar Collection.&nbsp; Match
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Nambe Vie Decanter 10" 6BARW1386 0.00 <div>Update the classic bar with contemporary design. The combination of the Vie Decanter’s square, glass body and rounded, wood stopper make this piece a style-standout. Fill with wine, whiskey, or any other spirit and set out on your bar to be admired.</div><div><br></div><div><div>Decanter: Dishwasher safe</div><div>Stopper: Hand wash; dry immediately</div></div> Nambe
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Jan Barboglio Decanter Girasol 6BARW1432 0.00 Glass decanter with wax cast iron base and topper with antique mirror. Natural finish. Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 16" Jan Barboglio