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Deakin & Francis

Since 1786, Deakin & Francis has been designing and producing the world's finest cufflinks and accessories. The British brand's exquisitely-crafted cufflinks make a stylish gift for anyone on your list.
Deakin & Francis Aluminum & Rose Tone Propeller Cufflinks 3MJ000136 0.00 The aviation design of these Deakin & Francis propeller cufflinks are made from aircraft grade aluminum. With internal ball bearings, the black cooling blades move as the highly polished, rose tone blades spin around. Even the rivets and joining panels have been laser detailed to the highest precision on the outer aluminum cases. These pilot themed cufflinks are sure to rule your sleeves! Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Steel & Aluminum Rocket Cufflinks 3MJ000141 0.00 With a shiny metal exterior and red detailing, these Deakin & Francis rocket cufflinks are certainly a conversation starter. Pull down the lever on the back and a fiery yellow hand-enameled flame shoots out of the bottom. Beautifully designed and carefully crafted, these cufflinks are the perfect playful addition to any attire. The rocket design is similar to a real rocket as the fins are aerodynamically fashioned, so have sharp edges and are not suitable for children. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Sterling Silver Button Cufflinks 3MJ000142 0.00 All shirts come with buttons, but make yours stand out with these classic, highly polished button cufflinks from Deakin & Francis. Exuding traditional elegance, these designs are a staple part of any wardrobe and a discrete, but stunning way to accessories your shirt. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Rose & Yellow Gold Shotgun Cufflinks 3MJ000143 0.00 You will be right on target with these quintessentially English, 12 bore shotgun cufflinks from Deakin & Francis. With detailed side lock engraving, you can even spring the lever and watch as the repelling magnets open the barrels to reveal the stunning gold plated cartridge caps. When you aren't guns blazing, the barrels click firmly shut. With a beautiful rose gold plated outer and black rhodium barrels you will be lock, stock and two smoking barrels with these on your sleeve! Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Sterling Silver & Red Enamel Racing Car Cufflinks 3MJ000148 0.00 Get ready to race with these fun and quirky sterling silver race car cufflinks from Deakin & Francis. Finished in a vibrant red enamel, these cufflinks have been inspired by the toys of our past. These cufflinks make a great gift for those who love their inner child. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Sterling Silver & Brown Enamel Vintage Steering Wheel Cufflinks 3MJ000149 0.00 These Deakin & Francis vintage steering wheel cufflinks are a timeless accessory, inspired by the craftsmanship of classic car designs. Pair them with a crisp, cuffed shirt and your finest suit. An ideal gift for father's day or all car enthusiasts. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Sterling Silver & Blue Enamel World Cufflinks 3MJ000150 0.00 These Deakin & Francis sterling silver cufflinks feature a beautiful hand-enameled world design a subtle twist on a classic pair of cufflinks. Wear the whole world on your sleeves! A perfect gift for all who love to travel. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Sterling Silver Bull and Bear Cufflinks 3MJ000151 0.00 These unique sterling silver cufflinks from Deakin & Francis feature the symbolic beasts of finance. The bull symbolizes the rise in the stock market whereas the bear signifies a slow decline. The ruby colored eyes represent power, so wearing these bull and bear cufflinks youll be ready to take on Wall Street in style! Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Yellow Gold Oval Cufflinks 3MJ000153 0.00 Classic and timeless, these yellow gold oval cufflinks from Deakin & Francis are the stunning, elegant pair every gentleman needs. Made from 18K yellow gold, the oval shape gives a distinguished look to any attire. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Yellow Gold Domed Oval Cufflinks 3MJ000154 0.00 These stunning, domed oval cufflinks from Deakin & Francis are crafted in high polish 18K yellow gold. With spring fitting, they are a timeless and sophisticated addition to any wardrobe. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Aluminum Jet Turbine Engine Lapel Pin 3MJ000168 0.00 Made from aircraft grade aluminum, this lightweight jet turbine engine lapel pin from Deakin & Francis has been beautifully engineered to the highest standards. With a realistic nose cone, the double stamped blades sit on micro-bearings and whirl into action when blown on! Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis White Tone Skull Keychain 3MJ000170 0.00 This solid skull keychain from Deakin & Francis will guard your keys with its life. Featuring a jaw dropping, eye popping design and stunning bright red, hand-enameled eyes, this keychain makes a great gift. Deakin & Francis
Deakin & Francis Sterling Silver & Red Enamel Racing Car Keychain 3MJ000171 0.00 Modelled after the traditional vintage racing car, you will be travelling in style with this sterling silver racing car keyring from Deakin & Francis. Hand-enameled in a vibrant, racing red finish, this keychain makes a great gift for car enthusiasts. Deakin & Francis