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Lenox offers everything you need for gathering around the table, no matter the occasion. Shop a curated selection of the most popular collections from this American company known for creating fine china, stemware and flatware of impeccable quality.
Lenox Solitaire White Dinnerware FAM31876 0.00 A solitary difference... The only thing that differentiates Solitaire White from the popular Solitaire™ pattern is its pristine bone china body. Like Solitaire, each piece is the same classic shape and bears the same lustrous accents of precious platinum. Use Solitaire White for a traditional table setting, or mix and match the pieces with other white-bodied, platinum-banded china patterns for a more eclectic look. Lenox
Lenox Casual Radiance Dinnerware FAM150187 0.00 Splashes of gold create a sparkling ring on the shimmering white china of the Casual Radiance. Like a ray of sunshine for the table, Casual Radiance is dinnerware for any occasion, and is safe for both the microwave and dishwasher. Lenox
Lenox Eternal White Dinnerware FAM150060 0.00 <div>A popular china pattern... with a twist. In Eternal White, pristine white china replaces the creamy ivory china of Eternal® dinnerware. And the result is simply stunning. Accents of burnished gold are beautiful against the bone china. Use the pieces together or separately, for any dining occasion.</div> Lenox
Lenox Golden Waterfall Dinnerware FAM150279 0.00 Shimmering gold trim and a cascade of delicate dots decorate the sophisticated design that is the Lenox Golden Waterfall Dinnerware Set. Each plate is crafted in bright white china with a fluted rim; the perfect choice for any occasion, both formal and casual. Easy to coordinate with other white bodied dinnerware, Golden Waterfall adds a touch of gold to your table. Lenox
Lenox Holiday Dinnerware FAM12823 0.00 The festive Lenox holly design with green leaves and red berries has become one of the most familiar, beloved sights of the holiday season. Handcrafted of ivory fine china, the elegant gold-banded Holiday pattern is complemented by dozens of accessories to transform your Yuletide entertaining into a cherished family tradition. Lenox
InStock $ 16.95
Lenox Opal Innocence Dinnerware FAM30655 0.00 With enameled pearl-like dots, an opalescent background, and the innocence of bone china, this is a romantic pattern of understated elegance. Two bands of platinum - a slightly wider one on the rim, kissing a thin fluted design, and a narrower one inside the border - adorn each plate. While the cup bears additional platinum on its graceful handle and another band at midpoint. Each piece is decorated with a flowing, white-on-white vine design peppered with enamel dots. Lenox
Lenox Prismatic Gold Dinnerware FAM150188 0.00 Stunning hexagonal design work in shimmering gold decorates the Prismatic Gold 5-piece Place Setting. The opulent burnished gold shines on each piece of this truly elegant white bone china dinnerware. The 5-piece place setting includes dinner plate, salad plate, butter plate, tea cup and saucer. Lenox
Lenox Pearl Platinum Dinnerware FAM24294 0.00 Dress up your table with Pearl Platinum by Lenox. Inspired by classic jewelry designs, this stunning pattern is distinguished by the luster of pearl-like accents on fine bone china, embellished with precious platinum. The look is sophisticated, understated elegance. Lenox
Lenox Silver Sophisticate Dinnerware FAM149938 0.00 As stylish as silver jewelry, this tailored dinnerware pattern is bordered in a textured weave design that resembles a silver mesh. Sophisticated as a night on the town, this white bone china is lavishly rimmed in precious platinum. Lenox
Lenox Solitaire Platinum Signature Stemware FAM11060 0.00 The Solitaire Platinum Signature Stemware is like a gentle dewdrop on your table. Its flowing design goes effortlessly from your most formal occasion to a more casual get-together. Lenox
Lenox Vintage Jewel Dinnerware FAM12952 0.00 A classic art deco design adorns the Vintage Jewel Dinnerware Collection. Antique detailing in cobalt, gold and platinum against white bone china is sophisticated and elegant. Combine the pattern with antique glasses and silverware for a stylish, eclectic look. Lenox