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Margaret Solow

Margaret Solow is a Los Angeles based designer celebrated for her dainty and understated jewelry. Called the "anti-bling" designer, her work embraces the natural qualities and imperfections of gemstones paired with simple visual forms. Dainty, colorful, and modern, Margaret Solow necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are a beautiful way to add handcrafted character to your collection.
Margaret Solow Diamond Crescent Moon Pendant in Sterling Silver & Black Rhodium, 16" 3DI000485 0.00 Fashioned in sterling silver and plated in black rhodium for a touch of drama, this dainty crescent moon pendant by Margaret Solow is set with diamond pave, and suspended on a 16" brown nylon cord. Handmade in Los Angeles. Margaret Solow
Margaret Solow Diamond Slice & Rose Cut Dangle Cord Pendant in Yellow Gold, 17" 3DI000497 0.00 Embracing the raw and natural beauty of gemstones, this diamond slice pendant is accented by a second rose cut diamond dangle charm. The minimalist beauty is completed with a simple brown nylon cord with a single golden bead accent. Crafted in 14K and 18K yellow gold. Margaret Solow
Margaret Solow Double Rose Cut Diamond Drop Cord Pendant in Yellow Gold, 17" 3DI000498 0.00 Featuring two rose cut diamonds with 14K and 18K yellow gold, this double drop pendant from Margaret Solow evokes an earthy yet minimalist aesthetic. The pendant is completed with a 17" nylon cord. Margaret Solow
Margaret Solow Diamond Pear Shaped Double Drop Earrings in Yellow Gold 3DI000520 0.00 Created to show off the natural character and inclusions of diamonds, these drop earrings from Margaret Solow are "perfectly imperfect." Fashioned in 14K yellow gold with 18K accents, the earrings feature thin pear shaped diamonds with tiny pear diamond accent charms dangling from the wires. Margaret Solow
Margaret Solow Textured Yellow Gold Round Leaf Cord Pendant, 16" 3NS000176 0.00 In satin 14K yellow gold with a hand-textured pattern evoking a leaf, this minimalist disc pendant from Margaret Solow includes a dainty 18" nylon cord. Margaret Solow
Margaret Solow Oval Tourmaline & Diamond Drop Cord Pendant in Yellow Gold, 16" 3ST000517 0.00 Minimal and modern, this dainty drop pendant from Margaret Solow showcases an oval sapphire and tiny round diamond charm, set in 14 & 18K yellow gold. The pendant includes a delicate yet durable 16" nylon cord. Margaret Solow
Margaret Solow Rough Cut Tourmalinated Quartz Necklace in Yellow Gold, 18" 3ST000566 0.00 Tourmalinated quartz is the stunning result of black tourmaline growing together with clear quartz. Designer Margaret Solow celebrates the natural character of this stone with this rough-cut slab necklace in 14K yellow gold. The perfect gift for a gemstone lover. Margaret Solow
Margaret Solow Tourmaline Cabochon Double Drop Cord Pendant in Yellow Gold, 16" 3ST000567 0.00 This two-tone tourmaline double drop pendant from Margaret Solow play well with trendy and traditional styles alike. Fashioned in 18K yellow gold with a 14K clasp, the pendant is finished with a brown nylon cord. Margaret Solow