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October Birthstone Sale Event

For a limited time, enjoy 30% off retail on both of October's birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline. 
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14K Yellow Gold Alternating Opal & Diamond Bracelet 7.5" 3OPLB0087 0.00 The 14K Yellow Gold Alternating Opal & Round Diamond Bracelet garners attention wherever you go with its perfect infusion of sparkle and sea-inspired hues. Wrought from 14K yellow gold, this 7.5'' bracelet features distinctively shaped opals punctuated with stations set with 8 diamonds weighing 0.20cttw. A gleaming lobster claw secures this bracelet to your wrist. Borsheims
Oval Cabochon Opal & Diamond Station Bracelet in White Gold, 7" 3OPLB0102 0.00 Five oval shaped opal cabochons adorn this 18K white gold diamond station bracelet. With iridescent play of color ranging from pale seafoam to electric blue, the color of the opals give the bracelet a bold edge.  Borsheims
Opal Doublet Open Cuff Bangle Bracelet in White Gold 3OPLB0101 0.00 Add contemporary energy with this 14K white gold opal doublet cuff bangle bracelet. Two freeform, asymmetrical opals anchor the ends of an open cuff, adding a fresh, modern look. Borsheims
Pear Shaped Opal & Diamond Curved Post Back Drop Earrings in Rose & White Gold 3OPLE0330 0.00 Make your look exude elegance and grace with these pear-shaped opal and diamond curved post back earrings. 14K rose and white gold blend with dazzling diamonds and iridescent opals to create a soft, subtle color palette that's simply exquisite. The pear-shaped opals weigh 1.40 cttw while the 24 sparkling, round diamonds weigh 0.20 cttw. Borsheims
14K Rose Gold Pear Shaped Opal & Diamond Wrap Post Earrings 3OPLE0332 0.00 Swirl in the shimmery luminescence of the 14K Rose Gold Pear Shaped Opal and Diamond Wrap Post Earrings. Beautifully crafted from 14K rose gold, these post earrings are set with pear shaped opals weighing 0.80ctg. It is wrapped with luxurious design studded with 22 round diamonds weighing 0.13cttw for an enchanting look. *Natural color variations may occur due to the one of a kind nature of the gemstone. Borsheims
14K White Gold Opal & Diamond Earrings 3OPLE0316 0.00 Charming and beautiful, these earrings grant a sophisticated and opulent touch to your look. Capturing the iridescent shimmer of 0.46cttw oval Opals beset in a sleek 14K white gold frame, these earrings showcase 20 sparkling round diamonds weighing 0.12cttw. These pierced earrings are equipped with posts and friction backs to ensure easy and secure wear. Borsheims
14K White Gold Pear Shaped Opal & Diamond Earrings 3OPLE0271 0.00 Sparkle with the brilliant iridescence of 0.80cttw pear shaped opals in this visually appealing pair of earrings. Crafted from sublime 14K white gold, these pierced earrings are studded with beaming prong set 0.26cttw round diamonds that glow with a distinctive sheen. Moreover, their post and friction backs cling on firmly for a secure yet hassle-free wear. Borsheims
14K Yellow Gold Marquise Opal & Diamond Earrings 3OPLE0305 0.00 Dazzling jewelry to uplift your charismatic aura, this fabulous pair of earrings is made in 14K yellow gold material. Gorgeous marquise opals weighing 0.28cttw are set in the most alluring way around a graceful looking frame of diamond studs weighing totally 0.15cttw. Posts and friction backs make sure that the fit is secure. Borsheims
Diamond Open Teardrop Post Earrings with Pear Shaped Opal Drop Jackets in Yellow Gold 3OPLE0392 0.00 A flexible convertible configuration adds versatility to these 14K yellow gold pear opal drop jackets and post earrings. Removable opal bar jackets separate 0.80 cttw in two pear shaped opals, leaving two posts with 48 round diamonds totaling 0.24 cttw. Borsheims
Opal, Green Garnet, Tanzanite, & Diamond Freeform Drop Earrings in White Gold 3OPLE0395 0.00 These breathtaking drop earrings offer a dramatic silhouette that blends stately elegance with avant-garde flair. Fashioned in 18K white gold, the leverback earrings are bedecked with trillion cut green garnets and tanzanites, as well as free-form white opal. 0.54 cttw in diamonds hug the gemstones in full and partial halos that shimmer in the light.  Borsheims
Opal Doublet & Diamond 6 Station Long Drop Earrings in Yellow Gold 3OPLE0399 0.00 Strike a captivating silhouette with these glamorous long drop opal earrings. Fashioned in 18K yellow gold and covered with shimmering diamond pavé, each earring holds 6 freeform opal doublet gemstones with a striking deep blue hue.  Borsheims
Cabochon Opal & Diamond Halo Circle Earrings in White Gold 3OPLE0398 0.00 Shimmering halos of diamonds encircle smooth, iridescent pale cabochon opals on these 18K white gold earrings. Earrings secure with posts and omega clip backgs.  Borsheims
Opal & Black Agate Freeform Drop Earrings with Diamonds in White Gold 3ZZZE2209 0.00 Take a dramatic design approach with this pair of opal and black agate freeform earrings with diamonds. Crafted together with 18K white gold, each earring features one spectacular 6.61 cttw opal set against a background of 11.60 cttw black agate, and surrounded by an outer border of round, .60 cttw diamonds. Borsheims
White Opal & Diamond Bar Post Earrings in Rose Gold 3OPLE0410 0.00 These modern bar post earrings blend shimmering diamonds with glossy and luminous white opal. Fashioned in 14K rose gold. Borsheims
Pear Shaped Lotus Garnet & Opal Infinity Loop Post Earrings in Rose Gold with Diamonds 3GARE0523 0.00 Looping gracefully with a hypnotic flow and sparkle, these infinity loop post earrings in 14K rose gold are the essence of elegant refinement. The earrings feature two 1.08 cttw pear-shaped lotus garnets and two pear-shaped opals totaling .22 carats in smooth, iridescent pinks and whites. Lines of 0.11 cttw round diamonds complete the luxurious effect. Borsheims
Opal Doublet 2 Drop Leverback Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold 3OPLE0403 0.00 Elevate your everyday or special occasion wear with these stunning opal doublet leverback dangle earrings. Composed of 14K yellow gold, the earrings showcase the lush blues and greens within the four freeform opals. Borsheims
Opal Doublet, Trillion Green Garnet, & Diamond Halo Leverback Drop Earrings in White Gold 3OPLE0404 0.00 Heighten the impact of your special occasion wear with these stunning halo leverback drop earrings made from four freeform opal doublets, two trillion green garnets with a 1.10 cttw and an array of round diamonds totaling .68 cts. Composed of 14K white gold, the earrings showcase the lush blues and greens within the four freeform opals. Borsheims
White Opal & Diamond Open Teardrop Dangle Earrings in White Gold 3OPLE0405 0.00 Modern and breathtakingly chic, these white opal and diamond open teardrop dangle earrings command attention with their arresting composition, clear, lucid color and dazzling light. Made from 14K white gold, the earrings feature two freeform white opals with a 1.54 cttw artfully positioned inside a curving frame of 92 round diamonds of approximately .55 cttw. Borsheims
White Opal & Diamond Chevron Dainty Stud Earrings in Yellow Gold 3OPLE0406 0.00 These dainty stud earrings highlight a design that's compact and classically lovely. Composed from 14K yellow gold, the earrings show off a chevron composition of two white opals offset by 14 round diamonds for subtle shine and radiance. Borsheims
Pear Shaped Opal Doublet & Diamond Halo Leverback Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold 3OPLE0378 0.00 Surrounded by 0.33 approximate cttw in 66 round diamonds, these 14K yellow gold earrings add brilliance and color. These earrings feature two pear shape opal doublets with diamond halo settings and a lever back dangle style. Borsheims
14K Rose Gold Pear Shaped Opal & Diamond 18" Necklace, 18" 3OPLN0074 0.00 The 14K Rose Gold Pear Shaped Opal & Diamond 18" Necklace is a beautiful addition to your attire. The pear shaped opal weights 0.95 CTG and is highlighted by a halo of 25 round diamonds weighing 0.19CTTW. The 18" chain is finely crafted from 14K Rose Gold. Borsheims
14K Yellow Gold Diamond & Opal Flower 5 Station 18" Necklace, 18" 3OPLN0073 0.00 The 14K Yellow Gold Diamond & Opal Flower 5 Station Necklace highlights classic yet beautiful style. Each station is carefully crafted from a beautiful opal flower accented by a center diamond. Finely made, the chain is 18" and forged from 14K Yellow Gold. Borsheims
14K Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Opal 7 Station Flex Necklace, 18" 3OPLN0066 0.00 Set the stage for pure elegance with the 14K Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Opal 7 Station Flex Necklace. 7 lustrous pear shaped opals weighing 2.78ctg with backing pop out from the sparkly textured slender branches crafted from 14K yellow gold. Lustrous rope chain completes this mesmerizing 18'' necklace. *Natural color variations may occur due to the one of a kind nature of the gemstone. Borsheims
Opal Navette Doublet Pendant with Diamond Halo in Yellow Gold, 16" 3OPLD0492 0.00 A gorgeous, iridescent, blue-green opal takes center stage in this 14K yellow gold navette doublet necklace. This stunning, shimmering stone is surrounded with an elegant diamond halo made with round, white diamonds weighing approximately 0.10 cttw. Borsheims