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Soicher Marin Blue Vessel Painting, 18" x 24" 6WALL1113 0.00 Perfectly simplistic for any room, this blue vessel painting will be a staple for any home. SOICHER MARIN
Soicher Marin Dogwood 26" x 40" Painting, Rise Bloom 6WALL1115 0.00 The dogwood tree provides four seasons of beauty. This painting provides the same year-round beauty, just in doors! This painting goes well in any room and with any decor. SOICHER MARIN
Soicher Marin Poppy Painting, 24" x 24" 6WALL1122 0.00 This Poppy Painting in cream and black create a dramatic yet classic look on any wall. Poppies are often known for their vibrant colors. Place this painting on a colorful wall to create an artisy space that will get all your guests talking! SOICHER MARIN
Soicher Marin Clover Painting, 24" x 30" 6WALL1124 0.00 This Clover Painting is the perfect addition to any gallery wall in your home! SOICHER MARIN