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Soicher Marin

Established in 1959, Soicher Marin art is sourced from dealers and artists from around the globe and has been a favorite amongst interior designers for more than half a century. At Soicher Marin, they believe that art is personal, which is why they are devoted to designing authentic collections full of beautiful, timeless artwork that can be handed down from generation to generation. 
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Soicher Marin Blue Vessel Painting, 18" x 24" 6WALL1113 0.00 Perfectly simplistic for any room, this blue vessel painting will be a staple for any home. SOICHER MARIN
Soicher Marin Dogwood 26" x 40" Painting, Rise Bloom 6WALL1115 0.00 The dogwood tree provides four seasons of beauty. This painting provides the same year-round beauty, just in doors! This painting goes well in any room and with any decor. SOICHER MARIN
Soicher Marin Poppy Painting, 24" x 24" 6WALL1122 0.00 This Poppy Painting in cream and black create a dramatic yet classic look on any wall. Poppies are often known for their vibrant colors. Place this painting on a colorful wall to create an artisy space that will get all your guests talking! SOICHER MARIN
Soicher Marin Clover Painting, 24" x 30" 6WALL1124 0.00 This Clover Painting is the perfect addition to any gallery wall in your home! SOICHER MARIN