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Spartina 449 Bracelets

Each Spartina bracelet, cuff and bangle adds a bit of colorful elegance and style to any outfit.
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Spartina 449 Cabana Stripe Bangle, Orange 6BRAC0651 0.00 Pretty & Preppy: A Southern girl knows an outfit is not complete without a striped bangle. This gold plated bangle is .25" in width, and features glossy orange enamel coating. Spartina 449
Spartina 449 Moonglade Toogle Gold Bracelet 6BRAC1508 0.00 If you lived around Daufuskie Island, SC in the 1870s, you knew a thing or two about a good party. Boarding a steamboat in your finest regalia, you were likely headed to the annual Moonlight Picnic, where you'd dance on the beach under the light of the full moon. This Spartina 449 bracelet is inspired by moonlight bliss under the full moon. Spartina 449
Spartina 449 Beach Bo Soft White Bracelet 6BRAC1513 0.00 Boho inspired for a casual every day look, this Spartina cinch-able soft white bracelet is designed to fit snugly while adjustable tassels drape your wrist. Spartina 449
Spartina 449 Black Curio Bracelet 6BRAC0429 0.00 <div>Spartina 449's Passage to Savannah Collection is reminiscent of strolling under Spanish moss curtains down tabby walk, oyster shell paths along Savannah, Georgia's lamplit River Street.</div><div>All jewelry is 18 karat gold plated.</div> Spartina 449
Spartina 449 Beach Bo Bracelet 6BRAC1635 0.00 From toggle bracelets dripping in charms to golden cuffs sculpted with stars, Spartina 449 bracelets and bangles are made to arm you with brilliant beauty. Spartina 449
Spartina 449 Brown Roundelle Stretch Bracelet 6BRAC1836 0.00 Ready to fit any wrist, these bracelets look even better together. This Brown Roundelle Stretch Bracelet is made of steel and woodenbeads. Faceted, smooth, charmed, big beads or bitty, stack them up for added style. Spartina 449