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Vista Alegre

Since 1824, Vista Alegre has designed innovative and contemporary dinnerware collections that magnify the style of their owners. Investing in artistic projects with designers, architects, photographers and other creative artists from around the world have helped them establish a distinctly conemporary style that is universally appealing.
Vista Alegre Cesta Dinnerware FAM21107 0.00 <p>Inspired by the tradition of Portuguese basketry,Vista Alegre&nbsp;‘Cesta’ (Basket) is an ideal dinner set for your everyday life, with a white relief decoration that allows you to highlight your creations. </p><p><br></p> Vista Alegre
Vista Alegre Ornament Dinnerware FAM301204 0.00 Inspired by the ceilings of the Vista Alegre Palace, Ornament surprises with its sophistication and subtlety of the white relief on the white pieces,uniting classical architecture and contemporary design. Dinnerware made of Porcelain.