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7 Romantic Holiday Proposals to Say Yes to

Congratulations! You’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring, and now it’s time to plan the proposal. You’re in luck because the holidays are practically made for romance. And while over-the-top proposals in exciting locations can be a lot of fun, you don’t have to drive yourself crazy to create an enchanting occasion the two of you will always remember.

Choosing Your Holiday Proposal

There are so many romantic ways to propose during the holiday season; it can be challenging to know which one to pick. Fortunately, when choosing a proposal, there are a few things to consider to help you narrow down your choices until you find the right one.

  • Tailor it to your partner – Think about the amazing person you want to marry. If they like to be the center of attention, choose a proposal that puts them in the spotlight. If not, plan a proposal that will give them the quiet privacy they prefer.
  • Think about the occasion – The holidays are chock-full of special events that make for amazing proposals. But be considerate when choosing your timing. What seems like the perfect time to you may overshadow someone else’s holiday efforts.
  • Make it a surprise – Even if the two of you have talked about getting married (which is always a good idea), your proposal can still be a surprise. Don’t ruin your plans with a tell-tale bulky ring box. The Borsheims slim ring box fits in your pocket, allowing you to keep the ring hidden until the right moment.
  • Stay within your budget – You don’t have to spend a lot to create a memorable proposal. Show your love with a thoughtful proposal you put together yourself (and without breaking the bank).
  • Wait on social media – After they say yes, you’ll probably want to announce it to the world. Take a moment to personally tell close family and friends the good news before you post it to Instagram or Facebook. They’ll feel honored to be among the first to know.

A Moment of Thanks

If nothing is more important to you and your partner than family, Thanksgiving is an ideal time to propose. When you sit down to dinner, suggest everyone take a moment to say why they’re thankful. When it’s your turn, let your love know what they mean to you. Be sure to say the words “Will you marry me?” so they realize you’re proposing!

Classic Christmas or Hanukkah Proposal

Christmas mornings and Hanukkah nights are perfect moments to propose. Wrap the ring in a larger box (so no one guesses your secret) and place it in their stocking or under the tree and wait for them to open it. Or you can bring out the ring at the perfect moment to pop the question!

Countdown to Yes

If you’re up for a bit more planning, consider proposing with a countdown or Advent calendar. Stock it full of their favorite chocolates, candies, and other treats. The ring is the final surprise on Christmas Eve. Wait to hide the ring until that day, in case they peek!

Help From a Snowman

Do you love playing in the snow together? If so, get outside and make a snowman. Many stores offer snowman kits, so you know your snowman will be photo-ready. Once you’ve finished decorating him, say there’s one last thing the snowman needs. Place a sign asking them to marry you in front of the snowman and watch their face light up!

Snow Globe Perfection

Snow globes are beautiful keepsakes. Buy a do-it-yourself kit to make your own. Attach the ring box to the floor of the snow globe and partially fill the globe with decorative tinsel or glitter. Don’t add water or glycerin or seal the globe so it can be opened to retrieve the ring. Later, the two of you can finish the snow globe as a way to remember that extraordinary day.

holiday lights proposal

Light Up Your Love

Twinkly lights are the epitome of romantic and, if you’re handy, you can craft a proposal that shines. Visit your local hardware store to load up on strands of holiday lights, small nails, and a large piece of plywood. Sketch your proposal onto the plywood then hammer the nails along your letters. String the lights along each nail until you’ve spelled out your message. Wait till it’s dark and impress your love with a stunning proposal.

A Game of Dreidel

If you’re looking for a light-hearted proposal, challenge your future fiance to a game of dreidel. Fill the pot with the usual small trinkets and treats. When they land on gimel, slip the ring into the winnings. When they realize they’ve won something special, get down on one knee and propose.

New Year Review

If New Year’s Eve is your favorite holiday, take them on a trip down memory lane. Create a montage of your favorite moments together over the past year then tell them you hope the next year is even better! Get family and friends involved for a proposal they won’t forget, or keep it just the two of you for that private, romantic moment.

No matter which proposal you choose, stay focused on the love you share and the life you will build together. Nothing is more important. And remember, you’re not in this alone. From the engagement to the wedding to your anniversary – Borsheims is with you every step of the way.