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Christmas Ornaments

Continue old traditions or create new ones with our selection of collectable Christmas ornaments from deisgners like Christopher Radko, Coton Colors, Simon Pearce and more.
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Glass Eye Studio Fiesta Classic Heart Ornament 6SOZZ0379 0.00 Show some affection with beautiful Classic Heart Ornaments. These make wonderful gifts anytime of the year! Glass Eye Studio
Michael Aram Snowman Snow Globe Ornament 6XOZZ2551 0.00 <p>The Michael Aram Ornament Collection portrays a series of unique objects that celebrate symbols of the holiday season. Whether seen individually or as a group, they evoke a sense of charm and fantasy with the undeniable signature of Michael's style. Drawing profoundly from Michael's background as a sculptor, each piece emerges from hand-sculpted clay and offers a child-like quality with an inherent depth of meaning.</p> <p>- Glass, Glittered Hand Paint, Nickelplate<br /> - Wipe clean with soft cloth. Do not clean with any solvents.</p> Michael Aram
Jan Barboglio Imperial Heart Ornament 6SOZZ0406 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio handmade solid brass ornament with flowers and heart.</div><div><ul><li>Brass will darken and age naturally; if brightening is desired, use a commercial cleaner to enhance finish.<br></li><li>Dimensions: 7" x 1" x 10".<br></li></ul></div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Adelita Heartblessing 6MIDA2745 0.00 The Jan Barboglio Adelita Heartblessing Necklace is a blown glass heart with platinum finish on leather cord. Hang from a tree, a saddle horn, to catch a "blessing of light." Jan Barboglio
Christopher Radko Almost Time For Christmas Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7258 0.00 It's almost time for his Christmas delivery! Santa checks his pocket watch while toys are packed to the brim in his magical bag will he make it in time for his Christmas delivery? Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Sweetest Castle Around Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7196 0.00 Sweetest castle around! With a sugar cone piers and gum drop accents, this castle is decorated to the tee with sweets! Candy Cane piers and frosting dcor, you can't miss this fabulous treat! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Sweet Home Door D?r Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7293 0.00 Open this special door on the 25th of December! A wafer cookie floor mat welcomes all visitors to the front door covered in candy! Two tasty holiday trees frame the doorway in sweet style! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Surprise at the Top Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7250 0.00 Who's that we see who is sitting atop Santa's pile of gifts? Why it is our perfectly precious polar bear! Protecting the gifts for Santa while he is away! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Sneaking Down the Chimney Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7254 0.00 How is Santa going to fit that enormous bag of gifts down the chimney? He has a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin. Santa has a plan and will surprise us all! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Oh, What a Handful Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7270 0.00 The elves gasp, "oh, what a handful" as Santa strolls by lifting his bag full of gifts over his head! Who knew Santa was so strong! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko North Star Gem Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7171 0.00 Shining bright for all to see, the North Star leads the wise men to Jesus laying in his manger with Mary and Joseph by his side. Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Magnificent Santa Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7158 0.00 Decorated with garlands galore, Santa's cane is spiced up in holiday style. Elegantly dressed, Santa carries his candle-adorned Christmas tree to help light the way. Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Holiday Bear Hugs Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7245 0.00 Every child has dreams of having a life size teddy bear! Santa takes the cake with his cuddly teddy-bear friend who is literally larger than life! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Forest Friends Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7204 0.00 This festive trio has found the perfect tree! The fawns are even adorned with Christmas wreaths! We wonder where St. Nick will deliver this lovely tree. Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Farmer Nick Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7207 0.00 Hey y'all! Have you ever seen anything more country than Santa riding a cow? No need to worry, Santa will make all his deliveries on time! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Christmas Delivery Duo Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7161 0.00 A dashing duo! Preparing to hand out gifts, Frosty and Santa cannot wait to see the look on their friends' faces when they open their gifts! Christopher Radko
Christopher Radko Butterfly From the Cocoon Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7129 0.00 Colorful shapes formed by uniquely decorated tissue helped to create Butterflys vibrant wings. Inspired from the beloved childrens storybook The Very Hungry Caterpillar , this piece is sure to brighten anywhere it can spread its wings! Christopher Radko
Christohper Radko Workshop Wonders Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7195 0.00 Santa is wrapping gifts for the holiday! His nimble fingers and eye for detail make him a gift wrapping extraordinaire! Christopher Radko
Christohper Radko Toys Galore Christmas Ornament 6XOCR7208 0.00 How does Santa know? He has something for everyone in his exciting bag full of toys! What gift will he pull out next? Christopher Radko