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Handcrafted from recycled aluminum, Mariposa serveware and gifts have been a long time customer favorite at Borsheims. Their versatile aesthetic is equal parts classic and modern making them perfect fits for every event from a bridal shower to a patio lunch.
Mariposa Love You More Beaded Statement Tray 6HGMT1455 0.00 "love you more" is a sparkling statement that makes a great gift for close friends and loved ones. Mariposa
Mariposa Anchor Sauce Dish, Cobalt 6BOWL0043 0.00 A beautiful, sculpted anchor rests at the bottom of this dish. Part of the High Seas collection, this piece makes a wonderful gift for the seafarer in your life! Designed by Michael Updike. Fashioned using recycled sandcast aluminum. Mariposa
Mariposa Anything is Possible Beaded Statement Tray 6TRAY1066 0.00 Whatever the dreams of your friends or loved ones, Mariposa shining frames and trays are an easy way to send a personalized message. Mariposa
Mariposa Beaded Collage Frame, 2x3 6FXML0535 0.00 Frame three of your favorite memories, perhaps from school picture day, or beyond in our Beaded Collage Frame. Part of the signature String of Pearls collection. Holds three 2 x 3 pictures. Mariposa
Mariposa Beaded Frame, 2x3 6FXML0598 0.00 Mariposa Beaded Frame, 2" x 3" display a photo of your favorite moment.  It is handcrafted from 100% recycled aluminum with a beaded trim surrounding the 2" x 3" frame. Mariposa
Mariposa Beaded Napkin Box with Dog Bone Weight & Napkins 6NPKN0307 0.00 The perfect gift for the dog lover in your life! This set from Mariposa includes a classic aluminum beaded edge napkin box with dog bone napkin weight. Paper napkins are inluded; design may vary.  Mariposa
Mariposa Beaded Napkin Box with Heart Weight & Napkins 6MITT0753 0.00 Assymetrical Heart Napkin Weight, handcrafted from 100% aluminum, sits atop a stack of heart napkins. A Beaded Napkin Box completes this set. Napkin design may vary.  Mariposa
Mariposa Beaded Napkin Box with Wine Bottle Weight & Napkins 6NPKN0104 0.00 <span style="font-family: 'futura light'; font-size: 10pt;">To uncork the perfect evening, open with a love affair: wine and cheese. Follow with our salute to the Mediterranean&mdash;grapes and artichokes and roosters&mdash;to keep you crowing! Our witty collection offers all you&rsquo;ll need to enliven a kitchen, serve a gourmet palate, or gift your hosts unforgettably.</span><!--EndFragment--> Mariposa
Mariposa Beaded Square Frame, 5x5 6FXML0592 0.00 Mariposa Beaded Square Frame, 5" x 5" is a great way to display those special moments.&nbsp; It is handcrafted from sparkling 100% recycled aluminum. Mariposa
Mariposa Best. Dog. Ever. Statement Frame, 4x6 6FXML0845 0.00 Mariposa's engraved "Best. Dog. Ever" 4x6 Frame is an adorable addition to any dog lovers home. Handcrafted from 100% recycled aluminum. Mariposa
Mariposa Blank Custom Statement Frame, 5x7 6FXML0620 0.00 Mariposa Blank Statement Frame, 5" x 7" beaded trim and smooth border looks sleek.&nbsp; It is made of recycled sandcast aluminum. Mariposa
Mariposa Classic Frame, 4x6 6FXML0641 0.00 The Mariposa Classic Frame lends itself to any style of home d&eacute;cor. 100% recycled aluminum has been handcrafted into a sophisticated molded shape, surrounding a 4 x 6" photo frame. Mariposa
Mariposa Classic Frame, 5x7 6FXML0642 0.00 The Mariposa Classic Frame lends itself to any style of home d&eacute;cor. 100% recycled aluminum has been handcrafted into a sophisticated molded shape, surrounding a 5 x 7" photo frame. Mariposa
Mariposa Confetti Stemware FAM149811 0.00 Part of the dazzlingly fresh Confetti collection, handcrafted with bits of turquoise and green glass to express fizz and euphoria. The Double Old Fashioned is the smallest glass in the collection--sized for juice or something a little more daring. Mariposa
InStock $ 17.00
Mariposa Cross Frame, 4x6 6FXML0643 0.00 The Mariposa Cross Frame is an excellent christening or first communion gift. Commemorate a religious milestone in this handcrafted frame with delicate cross accent. Mariposa
Mariposa Dog Bone Napkin Weight 6NPKN0512 0.00 <div class="description">This adorable sandcast Dog Bone Napkin Weight is a treat for a stack of napkins or photos of your pet.</div> Mariposa
Mariposa Girlfriends Statement Picture Frame, 4x6 6FXML0551 0.00 <p>Mariposa Girlfriends Frame fits a 4 x 6 photo of you and your pals. Cherish that special trip you took or an everyday celebration in this handcrafted, engraved frame.</p> <br /> <br /> Mariposa
Mariposa Grandkids Statement Frame, 4x6 6FXML0536 0.00 <p>Nobody is cuter than your grandkids! Display their latest photo in this frame with beaded detail. Fits a 4 x 6 photo.</p> <br /> <br /> Mariposa
Mariposa Happily Ever After... Statement Frame, 5x7 6FXML0672 0.00 "Happily ever after..." - A beautiful statement on a beautiful frame. Makes a lovely engagement or wedding gift. Mariposa