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Jan Barboglio

Inspired by the rich history and romance of her time growing up in Mexico, Jan Barboglio's extensive collection of home decor brings the spiritual aspect of old Mexico culture to her modern designs.
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Jan Barboglio 4 Rosas Candlestick 6CHLD0194 0.00 <p>4 Rosas Candlestick</p> <p>4 large roses surrounding a glass insert and raised stand.</p> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio One Step Firedance Candelita 6CHLD0191 0.00 <p>1-Step Firedance Candelita</p> <p>Handblown glass votive holder with iron stand.&nbsp; Its clean, modern lines beckon a quiet, dark corner with which to illuminate.&nbsp;&nbsp; An elegant gift.&nbsp; Please note that due the handmade nature of this item, the size and thickness of each glass votive may vary.</p> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Mariposita Angel 6MIDA0892 0.00 Inspired by Old Mexico, Jan Barboglio's pocket sized Mariposita Angel is a token to remind us of our blessings. The angel stands 5.25" tall, forged&nbsp;in wax cast iron. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Pulque Bowl 6BOWL0656 0.00 The artistry of hand blown glass joins with iron in the Jan Barboglio Pulque Bowl. With its rich harmony of texture and form, the 4.75" bowl will serve well as an accent piece for traditional or contemporary d&eacute;cor. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Tito Decanter 6BARW0393 0.00 A hand blown vessel created in a&nbsp;robust style emblematic of old world craftsmanship, the Jan Barboglio Tito Decanter will add distinction and flair to any bar. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Cloister Candelabra 6CHLD0073 0.00 Illuminate your spaces and create a warm and soft feeling with the Jan Barboglio Cloister Candelabra. Perfect for placing in your living room, this flower candelabra implants a sense of calmness. The candleholder has 3 branches and stands on tripod style legs. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Paper Towel Holder 6MITT0736 0.00 Hand forged in iron for a unique addition to your kitchen, this paper towel holder offers easy use with a screw off ball on top for easy&nbsp;roll replacement.&nbsp; Measures 7" wide and 15 1/4" high. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Guadalupe Decanter, Green 6BARW1029 0.00 Mouth blown glass Jan Barboglio decanter with laurel engraving and nickel rose topper. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Flores Box 6BOXS0355 0.00 Jan Barboglio keepsake box with forged iron roses. Jan Barboglio
InStock $ 264
Jan Barboglio Foto Box 6BOXS0356 0.00 Jan Barboglio wax cast box with frame top. Jan Barboglio
InStock $ 230
Jan Barboglio Rose Votive 6CHLD0286 0.00 Jan Barboglio votive with forged iron rose and glass insert. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Adelita Candelabra 6CHLD0288 0.00 Jan Barboglio candelabra with 5 clear hurricanes and iron stand. Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Dos Palomas Brass Ornament 6SOZZ0403 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio ornaments consists of handmade solid brass doves and leaves on platinum glass sphere.</div><div>Brass will darken and age naturally; if brightening is desired, use a commercial cleaner to enhance finish.</div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Golondrina Candlestick 6CSTK0061 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio forged iron candlestick with wax cast swallows... for tapered candle.&nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div>Natural finish.</div><div>Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 9".</div><div>Care instructions: Clean iron stand with soft dry cloth.</div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Tribal Bowl & Stand 6BOWL1314 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio freeform stone bowl on forged iron stand with ballin</div><div><ul><li>Stone and natural finish.<br></li><li>Dimensions: 10" diameter x 6" tall.<br></li><li>Care instructions: Clean iron with soft dry cloth.<br></li></ul></div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Adam & Eve Cordial 6BARW1242 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio mouth blown cordial glass on Adam and Eve wax cast iron stand (pair).</div><div><ul><li>Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 10"<br></li><li>Care instructions:&nbsp; Hand wash glass cordial; clean wood base with dry cloth.<br></li></ul></div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio San Antonio Saint 6MIDA2541 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio wax cast stone saint with wax cast iron child.</div><div><ul><li>Natural iron base and child.<br></li><li>This item is distressed and features intentional cracks and imperfections.<br></li><li>Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 14".<br></li></ul></div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Lumino Decanter 6BARW1245 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio clear glass decanter with dual purpose cork-screw and antique mirrored circle topper.</div><div><ul><li>Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 13"<br></li><li>Care instructions: Hand wash glass decanter. Soft dry cloth on mirrored topper.<br></li></ul></div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio
Jan Barboglio Padre-Cito Cordial 6BARW1239 0.00 <div>Jan Barboglio mouth blown cordial on wooden cross stand.</div><div><ul><li>Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 6"<br></li><li>Care instructions:&nbsp; Hand wash glass cordial; clean wood base with dry cloth.<br></li></ul></div><div><br></div> Jan Barboglio