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Hamilton Watches

Hamilton, the founders of "America's finest watch" has a long and colorful history of quality watchmaking. Supplying timepieces for the railroad, armed forces and aviators, Hamilton watches rich history provides the blueprint for every piece they make today.
Hamilton Ventura Quartz 17mm Women's Watch 1HMLN0020 0.00 The Ventura is a faithful tribute to the original 1957 model, which made watch-making history as the world’s first electrical, battery powered watch. Design detail of the case of the new model mirrors that of its ancestors. The dial is reminiscent of the 1950s Ventura timepieces, complete with digit markings all culminating in an embossed rounded point looking like atoms. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field King 40mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0066 0.00 The Khaki King puts a chic spin on the traditional Hamilton military watch. This watch disguises its toughness in an elegant brushed steel case with a more modern dial. Each minute is marked (and hours measured) according to either a 12 or 24-hour system. At 12 o'clock there is an easy-to-read day and date display. Hamilton
Hamilton American Classic Pan Europ Auto 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0174 0.00 <p>Hamilton is raising the bar for its Pan Europ family with a brand new, highperformance automatic movement. The H-30, with its typical 80 hours of power reserve, is rooted in sporty design that is both chic and dynamic.</p> <p>Modern materials and color schemes translate the Pan Europ heritage into an eye-catching contemporary timepiece available in either striped textile or round cut-outs black leather showing a red colored underlining. To meet the specific demands of all occasions and moods, the Pan Europ is delivered with both straps and a pin remover which makes it simpler to alternate between the two.</p> Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 42mm Watch 1HMLN0190 0.00 Rugged and edgy, the Khaki Field Auto line of watches is perfect for the outdoorsmen. Each piece in the line has bold dials with brightly colored indexes and wearers have a choice of leather strap or stainless steel bracelets &ndash; each made for working hands. These watches are designed for the adventurous, active wearer. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Auto 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0241 0.00 The Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Auto Watch In Black, was created for the US naval &ldquo;frogmen&rdquo; teams and featured in the 1951 smash-hit movie The Frogmen, this new diver watch is clearly built to meet the high demands of its underwater vocation. The 42mm stainless steel case is made bold by the stainless steel link bracelet. Hamilton
Hamilton Ventura Watch 1HMLN0270 0.00 The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was known for the incredible flexibility that was the key to his signature dance moves. He embodied the American spirit and himself owned an original Ventura Flex. This is the inspiration behind the Ventura Flex, which revives the flexible bracelet for the ultimate twenty-first century tribute to Mid-Century Modern design.&nbsp; Hamilton
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Hamilton Khaki Field 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0223 0.00 Multifunctional, military inspired and made for adventure. The Hamilton 42mm Khaki Field Auto Chrono is the perfect all-rounder. With a rugged appearance, 10 bar (100m) water resistance and the exclusive H-21 automatic caliber timing every move to perfection it's ready for anything.&nbsp; Hamilton
Hamilton American Classic Pan Europ 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0259 0.00 Don’t let the Pan Europ name fool you – this watch embodies pure Hamilton American spirit and is ready to join you as the perfect passenger on a classic American road trip. You’ll always be stylishly on time and the automatic movement will keep you moving forward. If you need a break, the power reserve is there to back you up and the day date display ensures you’ll never lose track of time. With a choice of NATO or leather strap, it's calm, classic and very versatile.&nbsp; Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Aviation Air Race 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0254 0.00 As the Official Timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race, Hamilton is proud to introduce the special edition Khaki Air Race. The orange and black Team Hamilton version reflects the colors of Nicolas Ivanoff's race plane and the blue, gray and red Official Timekeeper model honors the official colors of the Red Bull Air Race. Each model is available with a choice of leather strap or metal bracelet and is presented in a 38mm or 42mm case.&nbsp; Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Aviation 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0192 0.00 How it felt to be an early aviator, a pioneering pilot flying an airplane at the turn of the twentieth century is something that can’t be recreated, but Hamilton can give you the look - created using modern materials including stainless steel and sapphire crystal. Add an automatic movement and a perfectly proportioned 42mm case for a new take on a vintage timepiece. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0211 0.00 Proud of its military heritage, this Hamilton watch has a passion for detail and distinctive styling. Its strong core identity equips it for a variety of looks and ensures that it speaks volumes about the wearer. A quartz movement adds dependability and convenience to twenty-first century lifestyle operations. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0332 0.00 Climbing mountains, trekking through the forest or negotiating the urban jungle: The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto is equal to your needs out in the field. With the exclusive H-10 automatic caliber offering up to 80 hours of power reserve, it won't let you down. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field King 40mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0082 0.00 Military time features prominently on the dial of the Hamilton Khaki Field King Auto, underlining the military heritage of this handsome Hamilton. Specially designed protectors ensure the safety of the crown at all times. Long live the king. Hamilton
Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic 40mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0096 0.00 The see-through case back of the Hamilton Viewmatic presents the perfect opportunity to see contemporary watchmaking and quality craftsmanship working in harmony. Luckily, the front of this watch is just as captivating as the back. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field 42mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0287 0.00 Climbing mountains, trekking through the forest or negotiating the urban jungle: The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto is equal to your needs out in the field. With the exclusive H-10 automatic caliber offering up to 80 hours of power reserve, it won't let you down. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch, 38mm 1HMLN0291 0.00 The H-50 is an exclusive caliber specifically developed for our handwinding watches. The H-50 is available with or without a date function and has an extended power reserve of up to 80 hours, ensuring maximum reliability even when it is not wound for a few days. Hamilton
Hamilton Jazzmaster Watch, Thinline Automatic 1HMLN0297 0.00 With the Jazzmaster Thinline Automatic, you can create a Hamilton timepiece tailored to suit your style. There is a selection of dial and strap color combinations to choose from so you can change your strap to suit your mood quickly and simply, thanks to the EasyClick system. With options ranging from rich, warm colors to cooler hues, the Jazzmaster Thinline is everything you want it to be. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch, 38mm Green Dial & Strap 1HMLN0310 0.00 This is simplicity at its best. The Khaki Field Officer Handwinding offers basic functions and components for the no-nonsense, rugged watch wearer. Available with a choice of leather or canvas strap it is a timepiece not to be overlooked. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Watch, 38mm Black Dial 1HMLN0311 0.00 When you're planning an expedition, your essential equipment is reliable, resilient, functional and compact. At 38mm, this watch is punching above its weight when it comes to military inspired features. Bold looks, a rugged and robust case and strap and a movement that won't let you down. With 80 hours of typical power reserve in the exclusive H-10 automatic caliber, the Khaki Field Auto will keep you going. Hamilton
Hamilton Boulton Mechanical Watch 1HMLN0299 0.00 Art Deco meets American Classic style in the new Hamilton Boulton Mechanical. With its distinctive case shape, the Boulton has been a mainstay of the Hamilton collection since it first appeared in 1940. Reimagined for the twenty-first century and powered by the awesome H-50 handwinding movement, it proves that the Hamilton American Classic look never goes out of style. Hamilton
Hamilton American Classic PSR Digital Quartz, Red Digits 1HMLN0320 0.00 In 1970, Hamilton changed the way the world told time with the debut of the Hamilton Pulsar. Fifty years later, the Hamilton PSR celebrates the launch of that revolutionary first digital watch. Today, a hybrid display and a stainless steel case bring this game-changing invention back to the future. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm Watch, White and Black Dial 1HMLN0342 0.00 The black and gray color scheme of this Khaki Field Mechanical is a subtle approach to military styling. It is powered by the exclusive H-50 hand winding movement which is housed in a 38 mm case. Triangular indexes with old radium color Super-LumiNova® and a durable NATO strap complete the package. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto 40mm Watch, Navy and White Dial 1HMLN0324 0.00 Beachside, poolside or in the deep, the new Khaki Navy Scuba is guaranteed to make a splash in the style stakes. For modern mariners, snorkelers, surfers and beach lovers, it’s eye-catching as well as functional. Whether you’re timing your swim, your run or your time in the sun, it will make sure you keep your cool, even in soaring temperatures. Hamilton
Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto 40mm Watch, Green and Silver Dial 1HMLN0334 0.00 The Khaki Navy Scuba Auto, available in a variety of colorful dial and strap options, is guaranteed to make a splash. Its precise Swiss-made movement keeps time at the beach or in the ocean, and its eye-catching design adds a fresh, nautical look to any style. Hamilton