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Add a stylish touch to your place settings with designer flatware in modern, minimal or classic designs. Perfect for every occasion, our cllection of flatware comes in a range of price points.
Simon Pearce Woodbury Graphite Flatware FAM150075 0.00 Simon Pearce's Woodbury Graphite Flatware Setting, part polished, part burnished, is the perfect complement to our dinnerware collections.  Simon Pearce
Ricci Ascot Gold Accent Stainless Flatware FAM149975 0.00 <div>A classic design by Ricci-Argentieri accented with gold! Fashioned from Stainless Steel.</div><div><br></div><div>Ricci is dedicated to producing is sterling silver, silverplate, goldplate and stainless collections with exceptional quality and beauty. For the past five generations, Ricci has been in the vanguard in the research and development of new designs. Ricci combines classic tradition and flawless contemporary styling to produce the most exquisitely designed flatware available.&nbsp;</div> Ricci
Michael Aram Forest Leaf Flatware FAM150013 0.00 <div>The Forest Leaf Collection takes its inspiration from the intricacies of form and texture found in foliage from around the world. By interpreting plant forms in cast metal, Aram presents work which is evocative of a natural environment transformed and redefined. Each piece is an intimate expression of Aram's individual creativity as well as an object of infinite and timeless meaning.&nbsp;</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div> Michael Aram
Michael Aram Gotham Flatware FAM150014 0.00 The Gotham Collection celebrates the ancient metalworking technique of forging. Utilized for generations by master craftsmen, this skill can only be taught through diligent apprenticeship with their predecessors. The intricate patterns are achieved by slowly heating sheets of metal and hand hammering them with different levels of pressure, creating unexpected surfaces with a gently gothic and brooding feeling. This texture is then married with clean, streamlined shapes. The result is a completely unique collection with a distant nod to the handsome and decisive lines of the industrial period of the 1930's.&nbsp; Michael Aram
Michael Aram Hammertone Flatware FAM150015 0.00 The texture of hammertone is an ancient surface treatment for metal that is achieved through the painstaking application of hammer marks, one by one, with the intention of shaping the metal into various forms. The resulting surface texture is vibrant, faceted and as contemporary as it is timeless.&nbsp; Michael Aram
Michael Aram Molten Flatware FAM150016 0.00 The Molten Collection takes its inspiration from the lore of ancient craftsmanship and the application of these time-honored techniques to modern shapes and environments. It is about the transformation of "industrial" to "beautiful", "technical" to "lyrical". The collection also strives to represent the clean lines and minimal atmosphere associated with the ideals of contemporary life and progressive design. Intricately hand welded edges make each piece an individual work of art, with no two pieces being identical.&nbsp; Michael Aram
Michael Aram Palace Flatware FAM150017 0.00 The Michael Aram Palace Collection explores, through Michael's eyes, the richness of detail and ornament in palaces throughout the world. As a part-time resident of India since 1989, palace architecture has been a steady source of inspiration and this collection pays tribute to the geometry and complexity of Moghul design. The classically elegant shapes and materials in this collection reflect the arches, finials, carved panels, and ornamentation prevalent in palaces throughout the east.&nbsp; Michael Aram