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Behind The Birthstone: Alexandrite for June

Nicknamed “nature’s magic trick”, June’s secondary birthstone is an enchanting statement piece that will make its wearer stand out in a crowd. A truly special gemstone, alexandrite has a special phenomenon that causes its color to change dependent on the light source. Both Geminis and Cancers can find a selection of alexandrite jewelry to add to their birthday wishlist that will add a touch of magic and wonder. To help celebrate one of the more unique birthstones, we’ve rounded up a few fun alexandrite facts and some new arrivals to for gifting inspiration.

  • This chameleon-like stone appears bluish green in sunlight and reddish purple under artificial light.
  • Its color-changing properties are similar to that of a cat’s eye gemstone (they are from the same chrysoberyl family).
  • When certain types of long, thin inclusions are oriented parallel to each other, they can create an additional phenomenon called chatoyancy, or the cat’s-eye effect, increasing the alexandrite’s value.
  • Named Alexandrite after Tsar Alexander II, the gemstone was first discovered in 1830 in the Oural mountains of Russia.
  • It gained favor and admiration for it’s green and red coloring there as it mirrored the military colors for Imperial Russia.
  •  Decades later, the gemstone is now most commonly found in Sri Lanka, East Africa and Brazil.
  • These stones display a less precise color change and are a muddier hue than Russian alexandrites, found today mostly in estate jewelry.
  • Alexandrites tend to have very few inclusions making them much more valuable and increasing their price.

Find the perfect present below — sure to put a smile on any June babies’ face.