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Berkshire Hathaway Memorabilia Must-Haves

Affectionately called our “Christmas in May”, the whole Borsheims family is gearing up for what really can be compared to the Super Bowl: the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting/Weekend. The time of year that thousands of BRK shareholders descend on Omaha, NE to party, shop and hear updates from the “Oracle of Omaha” himself, our chairman Warren Buffett.

The weekend is jammed packed with events like our Friday cocktail party, the Saturday shareholders meeting, Nebraska Furniture Mart’s family picnic and the Brooks Invest in Yourself 5K. To cap things off, Borsheims also hosts a brunch, Sunday Funday style with table tennis, bridge and a few possible celebrity sightings like Bill Gates and Mr. Buffett himself.

To help commemorate the occasion, Borsheims creates a collection of BRK memorabilia each year for those wanting to take more than just investment advice and fond memories home. Below, we highlight some of our 2019 favorites.

Berkshire 2019 Mug, Socks and Tote Bag

Master the art of traveling effortlessly with these BRK branded accessories.

brk mug, bag and socks

Warren’s Lump of Gold (Beekman Goat Milk Soap)

Although we wouldn’t advise you to store these clever bars of “gold” in a safe, they are perfect for relaxing after a long weekend of shopping and investing in yourself.

Mova Blue & Silver Berkshire Globe, TARA Pearls and Silver Signature Pen

Celebrate the brand recognized the world over.

brk mova globe, pearls, pen

BRK OYOBox Black Jewelry Box

What better place to store all your new jewelry than a special edition OYOBox with a BRK inscription?

For even more things BRK and Warren Buffett check out our full line up of Berkshire Hathaway merchandise here or visit us at the Centurylink Center and our flagship store in Regency this weekend!