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Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Discount Start Monday!

One of the big draws for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend is the big discounts available to shareholders. Here at Borsheims, we have the longest (and in our opinion, the best) discount period! This year, our discounts start Monday, April 29th and will last through Saturday, May 11th. That’s nearly a full two weeks to get your discounted fix of jewelry, watches, and fine gifts.

What to buy? That’s an easy task made even easier with our online Berkshire Hathaway memorabilia page. From Warren’s “lump of gold” soap to Warren Signature Diamonds, Borsheims has something at every price – and it’s all discounted!

So put out your bucket and catch a gold bar of soap. Or maybe a diamond! And remember to bring your credentials along to the store so you can get a great shareholder-only price on the items you want to take home.