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Can You Sleep with a Necklace On?

Are you wondering whether you can sleep with a necklace on? Is it safe for you? Is it safe for the necklace? The short answer is yes you can, but it’s not so straightforward. Your necklace’s gemstones and metals – pearl, gold, platinum, or sterling silver – should significantly influence your decision. Here’s a closer look at the implications of sleeping with your necklace on, including factors like the durability of the jewelry and your own personal safety.

Pearl Necklaces

Pearls have an undeniable charm, but they are fragile and demand careful handling. Sleeping with your pearl necklace on can damage it due to friction with your pillow or sheets. Additionally, your sweat and body oils may dull your pearls’ luster over time. The string of your pearl necklace can also weaken if slept in repeatedly, resulting in a scattered pearl disaster. Although you can sleep with a pearl necklace on, we discourage doing this.

Gold Necklaces

Fine gold is famous for its durability, but it isn’t as prone to damage during sleep. Nevertheless, the chain might entangle or get caught in your hair or pillowcase, causing breakage, or even posing a strangulation risk to you. Gold scratches easily, too, and prolonged contact with your skin may wear down the metal. If your gold necklace includes gemstones, the settings that hold the gems might weaken. So, even with its robustness, it’s preferable to remove your gold necklace before you go to sleep.

Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver might be sturdy, but it tarnishes quickly, especially when it’s exposed to your sweat and body oils. Consistent contact during sleep may dull its shine. Sterling silver chains, similar to gold chains, might become tangled or even break during sleep. To preserve its allure, we recommend removing your sterling silver necklaces before you go to sleep.

Platinum Necklaces

Platinum is renowned for its durability, ever-fading white luster and hypoallergenic properties, making it a top choice for necklace. However, the risks of sleeping with a platinum necklace mirror those of gold and sterling silver. Tangling, breakage, and minor scratches due to friction are potential pitfalls. Also, intricate designs or those with gemstones could suffer damage. Despite these risks, if you still choose to sleep with your platinum necklace on, make sure it’s not too tight and the clasp is secure.

Risks & Precautions

Sleeping with your necklace on can pose risks such as choking hazards, skin irritation, and damage to your jewelry. If you’re a restless sleeper or have sensitive skin, these concerns are particularly relevant. Always secure the clasp and check the chain’s condition before sleeping with your necklace on.

Although technically possible, we generally advise customers against wearing their necklaces to bed. The best practice is to remove all your jewelry before bed to maintain its condition and to keep you safe. Regular cleaning and inspection can also enhance your jewelry’s lifespan and prevent accidents or discomfort during sleep. Use a soft cloth or at-home jewelry cleaner for gold and sterling silver and use a damp cloth for pearls. Adequate storage in a jewelry box can also help prevent tangling and damage.