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Coming for Berkshire… Sign a Diamond!

Giving a diamond always sends a message, but now you can literally send a message on a diamond! Built exclusively for Borsheims and Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend, the Sarine Machine is able to inscribe a message on a diamond. The size of the message will depend on the size of the diamond, but we know for a fact that Warren Buffett’s signature fits on the diamond. Sarine has perfected the technology for inscribing Mr. Buffett’s signature onto diamonds – we’ve been selling a limited group of Warren Buffett signed diamonds for the past several years, and they’re always sold quickly! This year, you can get Mr. Buffett’s signature and even more! The diamonds available for inscription range between just under 1 carat up to 5 carats. There is also a very rare pink diamond that can be inscribed with a message. The diamond’s buyers can even go into a special buying room and watch as the inscription takes place. So what would your message be? A symbol, a signature, a short sentence? Whatever it is, it’s certain to send a message that will truly make that diamond one-of-a-kind!