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Berkshire Hathaway Weekend 2019 FAQs

Whether you’re a first-timer to Berkshire Hathaway weekend or a seasoned Yellow BRKer, we tend to get a lot of questions here about Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend. So, as one of the hosts of the weekend’s fun, we’ll do our best to answer them!

Can anyone go to a shareholders meeting? Can Berkshire B shareholders attend annual meeting?

Anyone who holds at least one share of stock can attend the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s meeting, Saturday May 4, 2019. You may be wondering if you need to own BRK.A stock. That is not a requirement. You only need to own one share of BRK.B stock to get the credentials to attend the meeting.


Help! I didn’t get credentials! How can I attend the fun?

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend is open to all Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Each shareholder can request four passes from Berkshire Hathaway’s corporate office. The request form is located in the mailing from Berkshire Hathaway that contains the Proxy Statement. Didn’t get a Proxy Statement? Contact your stockbroker and they can request them for you. And if you’re worried that it’s too late to get your passes in the mail, you can always get them at the CenturyLink Center Friday (11 am – 6 pm) and Saturday (7 am – 4 pm) during the shareholders weekend. You’ll need to bring proof of stock ownership and a photo ID with you to obtain them.


Can I walk from my hotel/Nebraska Furniture Mart/Borsheims/the meeting?

Well… that depends on how much walking you want to do (and where your hotel is located). The good news is that the CenturyLink Center, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and Borsheims are pretty much geographically in a line, east to west. But most people here would definitely drive between the sites. Or take an Uber or Lyft or taxi. And on Saturday, there will be lots of shuttles running between all the sites.


Where can I go to get the best steak?

We love this question so much, but we need to know more about your personal tastes before we can answer. Do you want an old-school steakhouse that serves the baked potatoes and side of spaghetti with each steak? Or do you want a more modern take on steak? And how much do you want to spend? The only thing we know for sure is that Warren Buffett usually eats a steak at Gorat’s during Sunday of shareholder weekend, so that’s where a bunch of shareholders will dine. If you want a personal recommendation, hit us up on Twitter @borsheimsbrk.


What are the do-not-miss events of the weekend?

We’re a little biased toward our Friday night cocktail party and Sunday shareholder-only shopping day, but here are a few of our favorite events during Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend.

If you have your heart set on some specific Berkshire Hathaway souvenirs, hit up the CenturyLink Center on Friday afternoon for the early shopping. A lot of items inevitably sell out before Saturday, so Friday afternoon shopping is sometimes less hectic and has a better selection.

You should definitely at least walk through Borsheims and Nebraska Furniture Mart. They are both unbelievable. Borsheims is the largest independent jewelry store in the nation – in terms of both square footage and inventory. Most shareholders are shocked at the size and impressed with the selection and the incredible value. Nebraska Furniture Mart is gigantic, too. Have you ever been to a furniture and electronics store sitting on more than 77 acres of land? It’s impressive.

Make sure you’re in the CenturyLink Center Saturday morning by 8:30 am for the movie. It’s always really fun.

And don’t miss the Sunday afternoon games at Borsheims, where you’ll usually spy Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and a few other BRK celebrities playing bridge or table tennis among the pros.

What if I can’t make the annual meeting?

For the fourth year, Yahoo will webcast the May 4 meeting, going live at 8:45 am. Visit to watch.