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How to Travel with Necklaces

Traveling with necklaces is like traveling with any jewelry: you want to be extra careful because the materials you carry are so valuable. The mode of your travel really affects how much control you have over the security of your necklaces. By adjusting your packing strategy to your travel method, you can ensure your necklaces remain intact, unblemished, and untangled, no matter how you reach your destination.  

How To Pack Necklaces for Travel

Having a well-thought-out strategy in place before you start packing is key. There’s nothing worse than the chaos of last-minute packing, especially when fragile items are involved. Remember, each piece of jewelry is different, so your storage method will need to adapt accordingly. When it comes to necklaces, avoid tangling by using straws to separate. For a hasslefree experience, we recommend acquiring an airtight, hard-shell necklace travel case to manage your necklaces on the go and protect them from any impact, pressure, or moisture they might encounter during the journey.

Packing Necklaces for the Car

When driving to your destination, you have greater control over how your belongings are handled. Make sure your necklace box or storage substitute is stowed in a stable, upright position to avoid any jostling. Ideally, secure it in the glove compartment or another area where it won’t slide around. Always keep the car cool, as extreme temperatures can damage certain types of metal and gemstones. Wherever you go, your necklaces should go too. Steer clear of leaving your necklaces in the car overnighdue to temperature swings and the threat of theft. 

Tips for Flying with Necklaces 

Traveling with jewelry always presents certain hazards, but particularly during air travel because of security screenings and luggage handling. Always pack your necklaces in your carry-on baggage, as checked luggage is subject to rough handling and could be lost. Even within your carry-on, use the organizational tips mentioned—such as straws and airtight, hard-shell necklace organizers—to prevent tangling and damage. Look for necklace travel organizers that have specific compartments or individual pockets designed to keep each necklace separate—some even come with hooks or straps to keep chains from tangling. Be prepared to remove your necklaces from your person or your carry-on during security checks, as certain items may trigger additional screening. 

The Best Way to Pack Necklaces for a Cruise

Maritime travel introduces unique challenges like humidity and constant motion. To protect your necklaces from the salty sea air and potential impacts, we suggest using combination of a waterproof, airtight necklace container and straws to separate chains.  Store your necklaces in a secure and stable spot within your cabin, away from areas prone to excessive movement.

In case of water contact, bring along a soft polishing cloth to clean any residue that may accumulate on your necklaces while onboard.

If you’re at a hotel, put your necklaces in the room safe when you aren’t wearing them. This precaution offers extra peace of mind while you’re out and about for the day. 

Travel without worry by utilizing the right tools and techniques to safeguard your necklaces, ensuring they’re ready to wear upon arrival. In need of a jewelry organizer for your upcoming trip in a hurry? Visit us in Omaha’s Regency district or give us a call and we’ll help you find your perfect travel companion. In the unfortunate event that your necklaces are damaged during travel, we provide onsite jewelry repair for all items purchased from us.