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Breaking Down the Most Common Jewelry Clasp Types

When you think of jewelry design, many components may come to mind: the type of jewelry, the metal and gemstones of the design, the wearability of the piece, etc. One essential element of necklaces and bracelets that many overlook is the clasp. Jewelry clasps are a fundamental component in terms of function and security, and they can also contribute to the style of the piece. From lobster clasps to fishhook clasps, we’ve got you covered with the basics of all the different jewelry closure types.  

Jewelry Clasp Types:

white gold diamond tennis bracelet with box clasp

Box Clasp

Most commonly found on tennis bracelets and necklaces, the box clasp is a stylish and refined jewelry clasp. To fasten a box clasp, one end of the jewelry will have a tab that’s inserted into the box-shaped frame on the other end of the jewelry. 

pearl bracelet bead jewelry clasp

Bead Clasp

Sometimes referred to as the ball clasp, bead clasps are shaped like a bead and allow for a seamless flow in the necklace or bracelet design. Most often, there is a hook that is fastened inside the bead, and when secured will blend with the piece of jewelry.

pear necklace with barrel screw clasp

Barrel Screw Clasp

Similar to the bead clasp, barrel clasps allow for an uninterrupted flow in the design of the jewelry. One half of the clasp has threads, comparable to a screw, that the other half twists into. This type of class may be difficult to fasten with one hand but works well on necklaces.

pearl bracelet with fish hook clasp

Fishhook Clasp

True to its name, the fishhook clasp is fastened by hooking the metal hook found on one end of the bracelet or necklace into the section that’s on the other end of the piece of jewelry. Don’t let the name deceive you, this type of clasp is very sophisticated. 

spring ruthenium bracelet with magnetic clasp

Magnetic Clasp

A magnetic clasp has one half of the clasp on each end of the jewelry and is secured by putting the two ends together. Polished in appearance, this clasp is considered very secure and very easy to use. 

white gold heart bracelet with spring ring clasp

Spring Ring Clasp

Spring ring clasps are round with a spring-loaded lever that, when pulled back, opens the clasp, and closes when the lever is released. Generally, spring ring clasps are very secure but can sometimes be tricky to secure with one hand.   

yellow gold link bracelet with lobster claw

Lobster Clasp

One of the most widely used jewelry clasps is the lobster clasp. The clasp resembles a lobster claw and has a lever on one side that opens the clasp when pulled and closes when released. Lobster clasps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are generally considered a very secure jewelry clasp.

braided leather bracelet with pearl toggle

Toggle Clasp

One of the easier clasps to secure by yourself is the toggle clasp. The toggle clasp has a bar on one end of the jewelry piece and a circle on the other end. To secure, simply pull the bar vertically through the circle and turn to a horizontal position once it’s through the circle. 

yellow gold diamond pave disc bracelet with bolo clasp

Bolo Clasp

Another jewelry clasp that is considered easy to secure by yourself is the bolo clasp. The bolo is usually a sturdy bead that holds the end of the bracelet or necklace together. To secure a bolo clasp, simply slide the bolo to tighten the piece of jewelry to a comfortable fit. This clasp allows you to adjust jewelry to fit you perfectly each time. 

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