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Make Your Omaha Travel Plans – BRK Weekend

While we know there are a lot of local Berkshire Hathaway shareholders who visit us year-round, we know thousands who make the pilgrimage to Omaha only during the first weekend in May.

And to those people we say: get your plans made!

Local hotels sell out sometimes a year in advance, plane tickets are sky high, and restaurants book up quickly. Here are a few tips if you’re planning to make the trip:

Tip 1: Read the 2019 visitor’s guide for the full run-down of the weekend’s events so you don’t miss a thing. From the early shopping at noon Friday to the steak at Gorat’s Sunday night – every second of your weekend can be full of Berkshire Hathaway fun.


Our three don’t-miss events:

Shopping at the Borsheims booth at the CenturyLink Center on Friday and Saturday

Borsheims cocktail party Friday night

Shareholder-only shopping and games day at Borsheims on Sunday

BRK Vistors Guide

Tip 2: Find a good hotel or Airbnb. That same visitor’s guide has a list of convenient hotels along the shuttle routes on pages 12 and 13. And Warren Buffett has encouraged shareholders to check into renting a room or house via Airbnb. There are usually enough options for those who want to visit Omaha, but the early bird gets the prime locations. One of the very popular hotels is the Regency Marriott, which is right across the street from Borsheims.

Tip 3: Plane tickets are sky high flying into Omaha that weekend (pun totally intended). If they’re too steep for your taste, check out flying into Lincoln, Kansas City, or Des Moines. That can sometimes save you some money. Or, if your budget allows, I’m sure our friends at NetJets would love a call.

Tip 4: Think about food now. Some of us think about food all the time, but now is the time to really think about making reservations for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders weekend, especially if you want to have dinner at Gorat’s on Sunday night when Mr. Buffett usually swings by. Gorat’s will take reservations for Berkshire weekend starting April 2 and you can get one by calling (402) 551-3733. Of course, there are other wonderful restaurants in Omaha, too. We’re known for our steaks, but there are inventive farm-to-table restaurants, great pizza places, and entire areas of town with one delicious place to eat after another. The Omaha World-Herald has a fantastic food reviewer with a curated list of places to eat.

Questions about the weekend? Tweet us at @borsheimsbrk. We’re getting so excited to see all our shareholders again!