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Our Favorite Fall Jewelry Trends

While we loved sundresses and strappy sandals this summer, the team over at Borsheims can’t get enough of fall, bar none the best season for fashion. From stylish boots to luxe fabrics, there is something warm, cozy and trendy for everyone. And as an independent jewelry store, it’s only right that we would be just as excited for fall jewelry trends to accessorize our #girlboss and #cozygirl outfits. To lend us some insight we asked Amy Dudzik, Borsheims Jewelry buyer, what her top three jewelry trends were for the season.

Layered Necklaces

Taking cues from Fashion Week and the multi-chain look on several runways, this trend allows you to be super creative. It also doesn’t hurt that fall is all about layering. Whether you mix a big statement locket with some delicate necklaces or create a mono-metal look, you’re sure to garner attention and compliments (just make sure to vary your lengths).

Dainty Earrings

Layering isn’t just for your clothes or necklaces this season. Create a mismatched layered look with super dainty earrings. Or opt for a pair of delicate studs and keep the focus on your statement scarf and coat.

Unexpected Gemstones

Let your jewelry choices be as unpredictable as fall weather (because wearing a sweater in the morning then sweating in the afternoon is an Autumn rite of passage). “Non-traditional” gems like agate, quartz and onyx are all unique picks that are perfect complements to all the fall colors you’ll be wearing.