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How to Show Appreciation for Remote Employees

With so many employees now working remotely, it can be easy to overlook employee recognition. Regardless of whether your employees are working remotely full-time or temporarily in response to COVID-19, you must show appreciation for your dedicated, hard-working, and adaptable employees.

We understand that budgets may be tight this year, but recognizing and rewarding employees doesn’t have to be expensive. Employee recognition is not something that should be sacrificed, and even the smallest gestures can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Read on for some budget-friendly yet thoughtful ideas to show employees that they are appreciated. 

Drop a Note in the Mail

Since most interactions with remote employees probably come in the form of emails, instant messages, and video chats, a good old-fashioned note in the mail is sure to be an unexpected and pleasant surprise. While a posted card that contains a personalized thank-you message may require a little bit of extra thought and effort on your part, the sentiment is sure to be recognized and appreciated. For added convenience, we recommend keeping a stack of company notecards on hand at all times.

Offer Quiet Praise & Public Accolades

Giving quiet praise is something you should be doing regularly. Acknowledging a job well done during a virtual one-on-one, over instant message, or in an email helps an employee to feel seen and valued. Going a step further, publicly recognizing an employee’s initiative and exceptional work in a virtual team meeting, group chat, or mass email is a great way to commend an employee while motivating other team members.

Encourage Professional Development

Encouraging professional development makes employees feel invested in while their expanded knowledge base also benefits the company. Employers often worry that investing in employee development only helps them to leave for better opportunities elsewhere; however, studies have shown that professional development leads to higher engagement at work and better retention among employees.

Fortunately, professional development opportunities do not have to be expensive or even involve travel. This year especially there is an abundance of free webinars, training opportunities, and conferences being offered online. Invest in your employees’ growth by supplying them with the resources they need to be successful as well as the ongoing education and training that’s necessary for them to acquire new and advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Extend Flexibility

A much-appreciated reward after a long work week is letting employees leave the office an hour or two early. Why not do the same for your remote workers? Encouraging employees to log off a little early on a Friday afternoon or the day before a holiday break is a simple gesture that’s sure to be appreciated.  

Give a Gift (Card)

Reward employees for their extra effort on a project by surprising them with a gift card in their inbox. A $5 or $10 gift card for coffee or lunch goes a long way. For a more personalized touch, get each employee a gift card that’s relevant to their interests, such as a gift card to their favorite restaurant or to a movie theater that’s located nearby their home. 

Send Swag

Let your employees know how much you appreciate having them on your team by sending them some company swag. After all, everyone enjoys free stuff! Swag is also great marketing for your company. By providing branded items, your employees can help advertise your company. Often, the most appreciated and well-received gifts are items that can be used every day, such as water bottles, laptop cases, and t-shirts. These are great items to keep on hand to reward employees as well as welcome new hires.

Simple gestures that show your gratitude towards dedicated and hard-working employees can go a long way in improving employee retention and boosting overall morale. From business gifts to company swag, the Borsheims’ Corporate Gifts team can help you curate a selection of employee appreciation gifts that match your needs and budget. Our friendly account managers are just a click away at [email protected].