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Wearing Multicolor Jewelry with Pride

There is gold and much more sitting at the end of this rainbow. Unlike monochromatic jewelry, which centers around a single gemstone, multicolor jewelry features a spectrum of colors. Colored gemstones are increasingly popular right now as they offer more creative freedom for designers and, in turn, you. Plus, they’re a more affordable alternative to diamonds. The stones combined tell a more complex story, making multicolor jewelry the goto for commemorating special occasions or milestones, such as combining the birthstones of loved ones.  

Colorful Jewelry Combinations

The essence of multicolor jewelry lies in the gemstones. It takes a visionary to discern which gemstones will balance not clash. While pairing two stones is manageable, three is a bit more complex. Continue reading to learn which common gemstones coordinate well together. 

Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire

When united, the lush green of emeralds, the fiery red of rubies, and the rich blue of sapphires become a beacon of regal grandeur—a classic trio of primary colors for any jewelry piece.  

Amethyst, Citrine, and Peridot

The purple hues of amethyst balanced with the warm golden shades of citrine and the bright, zesty green of peridot is as refreshing a combination as they come, making for a cheerful yet unique multicolor item.  

Diamond, Pearl, and Tanzanite

To preface, diamonds complement essentially every gemstone, but their clear brilliance is particularly intensified by the lustrous elegance of pearls and the blue-violet tones of tanzanite.

Garnet, Opal, and Topaz

The deep red of garnet, the iridescent play-of-color in opal and the icy blue of topaz present a composition complete with depth and mystique. It doesn’t escape us that this assortment is exceptionally patriotic as well.  

Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, and Moonstone

The pale blue of aquamarinethe deep blue of lapis lazuli, and the soft glow of moonstone marry for an all-around calming color palette. Introduce the blush pink of morganite as a delicate and romantic alternative. The result is a pastel wonderland with a gentle and tranquil feel.  

Ruby, emerald, and sapphire cluster ring

Designer Rahaminov achieves a kaleidoscope effect on a emerald, ruby, and sapphire cluster ring.

Watermelon tourmaline earrings

This watermelon ombre tourmaline is a multicolor treat, delightful on its own without the need for other gemstones.

Multicolor rainbow sapphire bracelet

All the colors of the rainbow come together in this multicolor bracelet, where varieties of sapphire find their place.  

Gold Gemstone Settings

Any gemstone will glimmer quite nicely with any type of metal, but these arrangements are especially effective in bringing out each’s shine:  

  • Yellow gold: aquamarine, emerald, citrine, opal, peridot ruby, and tourmaline 
  • White gold: amethyst, blue topaz, diamond, sapphire, and tanzanite 
  • Rose gold: garnet and pearl 

A pro tip: Look for pieces where the gemstones are well-matched in size. 

Styling Colorful Gemstones

Styling rainbow jewelry is easier than it may seem and offers surprising versatility. We recommend wearing neutral outfits or matching the hues of your attire to the gemstone colors.  

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