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What are Pavé Diamonds?

In the realm of fine jewelry, few embellishments have the same dramatic impact as pavé diamonds. These little beauties are more than just precious stones; they represent a fusion of artistry and precision, transforming ordinary pieces into extraordinary works of wearable art. In this article, we’ll answer fundamental questions about pavé diamonds and shed some light on what makes them a perennial favorite among jewelry lovers worldwide.

What are Pavé Diamonds?

Pavé diamonds, derived from the French word “pavé,” meaning paved or cobblestoned, refer to a setting technique where small diamonds are set closely together, covering the surface of a piece of jewelry. The result is a breathtaking visual effect that resembles a pavement of diamonds. 

Pavé diamonds are held in place with tiny beads or prongs, securing them while allowing maximum exposure to light. This setting method ensures that minimal metal is visible, maximizing the overall brilliance of the jewelry. Phillips House is one brand that does pavé jewelry exceptionally well, with a variety of coordinating pavé necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets available to choose from. 

Types of Pavé Diamond Settings

Pavé setting techniques come in various styles, each adding a unique touch to jewelry designs. Here are some popular types of pavé settings:

  • Traditional Pavé Setting: In this classic style, small diamonds are set closely together in drilled holes, held in place by tiny metal beads. This creates a continuous, sparkling surface with minimal visibility of the metal underneath.
  • French Pavé Setting: French pavé setting involves using V-shaped prongs or beads to secure the diamonds. These prongs cradle the diamonds securely while allowing more light to enter, enhancing the brilliance of the stones.
  • Bead Pavé Setting: Bead pavé settings use small metal beads to hold the diamonds in place. These beads are raised slightly above the surface, giving the impression that the diamonds are floating on the metal. This technique maximizes the visibility of the diamonds, allowing more light to interact with them.
  • Shared Prong Pavé Setting: In this style, two adjacent diamonds share a single prong, reducing the metal between the stones. This method not only accentuates the brilliance of the diamonds but also creates a streamlined, elegant look.
  • Micro Pavé Setting: Micro pavé takes the art of setting tiny stones to the next level, demanding exceptional skill and precision. In micro pavé settings, very small stones, typically .01 of a carat, are used, resulting in a delicate, lacy appearance, often seen in high-end jewelry designs.
  • U-Cut Pavé Setting: U-cut pavé settings involve cutting U-shaped grooves into the metal surface where the diamonds are placed and secured. This technique minimizes the visibility of metal, allowing the diamonds to shine prominently.
  • Channel Pavé Setting: A channel pavé setting features small diamonds set between two parallel metal walls, creating a channel-like effect. This setting style is often used in wedding bands and eternity rings, providing a sleek and modern look.
  • Grain Pavé Setting: In a grain pavé setting, small grains or metal beads are raised around the diamonds, securing them in place. This setting style adds a touch of vintage charm to the jewelry and provides a secure hold for the stones.
pave diamond jewelry

Are Pavé Diamonds Real?

Yes, pavé diamonds are undoubtedly real diamonds. They are not diamond substitutes or imitations; instead, they consist of genuine, tiny diamonds meticulously set by skilled artisans. 

What is the Difference Between Pavé Diamonds and Regular Diamonds?

The primary distinction between pavé diamonds and regular diamonds lies in their arrangement. Traditional diamond jewelry pieces typically feature a single stone as the centerpiece. In contrast, pavé diamond jewelry consists of numerous smaller diamonds set closely together, creating a continuous surface of sparkle and brilliance.

Do Pavé Diamonds Sparkle More?

Pavé diamond jewelry is explicitly designed to enhance brilliance. By closely setting multiple diamonds, they create an illusion of a larger, more dazzling surface area. This arrangement allows pavé diamonds to catch and reflect light from various angles, resulting in an unparalleled sparkle that captures the attention of onlookers.

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