Quick Care Guide for Fine Jewelry

Depending on the metal, gemstones and style of a specific piece of jewelry, the cleaning methods and care recommendations can vary. But no matter the piece, there are few steadfast rules that will help you care for your jewelry day to day. We’ve compiled a quick care reference guide to help you maintain your jewelry between professional cleanings and inspections.

Quick Care Guide for Fine Jewelry

Quick Care Guide for Fine Jewelry

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Jewelry General Care

General Care

Tip 1
Store your jewelry separately so items do not touch and damage each other.

Tip 2
Avoid wearing your jewelry during activities that expose it to unnecessary risks such as sports, moving or lifting heavy objects, gardening, construction work, household chores, sleeping and showering.

Tip 3
Avoid excessive contact with any perfumes, cosmetics or chemicals such as household cleaners or chemicals in swimming pools or hot tubs.

Basic Cleaning

Tip 1
Clean jewelry often with mild soapy water. You can use as soft toothbrush to scrub where needed to loosen dirt. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

Tip 2
Stop into Borsheims to take advantage of complimentary cleaning and inspection of fine jewelry at any time.

Tip 3
Borsheims suggests having your jewelry professionally inspected and cleaned at least every six months. Jewelry worn every day should be inspected as often as possible.

Tip 4
Borsheims also suggests updating your appraisal every 3-5 years.

Jewelry Basic Cleaning

Jewelry Mounting Design & Styles

Mounting Design & Styles

Gemstone setting styles and designs will vary from one piece to another and some require more care than others:

Invisible Set
Gems are more likely to chip and loosen due to setting style. Special care is required and should be worn with extra caution. Any necessary repairs may need to be sent to an outside vendor for service.

Pavé Set
Many small gems that are set close together which are subject to loss when prongs wear down.

Eternity Bands
Since the stones go around the entire band, gems are exposed to more direct contact with hard objects that may lead to damage or loss. Eternity rings should be worn with extra caution. This style of ring cannot be sized.

Metal Types & Finishes

  • All fine jewelry metals (platinum, gold and sterling silver) wear with time.
  • White gold may require rhodium plating to maintain a bright white finish.
  • It is recommended that you polish your jewelry no more than once per year, as a thin layer of metal is removed during polishing and can cause your jewelry to wear.
  • Some silver has chrome plating which will wear with time and cannot be reapplied.

Jewelry Metal Types

More Resources

To learn more about how to care for your jewelry explore gemstone, metal, pearl and diamond eductation pages. .