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Lladro's luxury handcrafted ceramic art figurines. A unique mix of talent, audacity and meticulousness in the quest for excellence makes Lladro's brand second to none.
Lladro Praying Angel Figurine 6FIGR0587 0.00 <div>Glossy and matte white porcelain angel figurine with silvery luster on the wings.</div><div><br></div> Lladro
Lladro An Angel's Wish Figurine 6FIGR0796 0.00 Porcelain angel figurine with green details on his neck and sleeves of his robe. Lladro
Lladro A Kiss to Remember Couple Figurine 6FPLL1559 0.00 Glossy porcelain figurine of a kiss from the bride and groom with a small bouquet of flowers and floral ornaments holding the veil. Designed and handmade in Spain. Lladro