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Lladro's luxury handcrafted ceramic art figurines. A unique mix of talent, audacity and meticulousness in the quest for excellence makes Lladro's brand second to none.
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Lladro Angel Laying Down 6FIGR0180 0.00 These sweet angels are heavenly. With their sweet faces, these porcelain figurines capture the innocents of a child. Crafted in Spain, Lladr&oacute;'s hallmark for attention to detail is found throughout these figurines. <br /> <br /> The three angels pictured are all sold separately. Please select below which you would like to have as your very own. Lladro
InStock $ 155
Lladro Thinking Angel 6FPLL0046 0.00 Lladr&oacute; invites you on a recreational stroll along the paths of art and culture. Its creations are nourished by everything that has moved humanity since the beginning of time. The three elements, earth, colour and fire are the elements that play a role in the creation process of a Lladr&oacute; sculpture. This fine collectable porcelain is the result. Lladro
InStock $ 155
Lladro Praying Angel Figurine 6FIGR0587 0.00 <div>Glossy and matte white porcelain angel figurine with silvery luster on the wings.</div><div><br></div> Lladro
Lladro An Angel's Wish Figurine 6FIGR0796 0.00 Porcelain angel figurine with green details on his neck and sleeves of his robe. Lladro