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All You Need to Know About Women’s Choker Necklaces

What Is a Choker Necklace?

A choker is a necklace 14 to 16 inches in length. It can be adorned with anything from gemstones to charms or simply feature base metals like gold and platinum. Ripe with cultural and historical significance, chokers are now experiencing a revival in popular fashion.  

Chokers should be tight, but not so close fitting that they impact your breathing or squeeze your skin. Your face shape and neck width have an effect on the most flattering choker for you. Fuller faces and wider necks look best in narrower chokers, while heart-shaped faces and strong jawlines can pull off any width. If you have a narrower, oval face, or a thin neck, consider wider bands or chunky chains for balance. If your neck is both short and wide, or you have a fuller face, chokers may not be the most flattering choice, as they can shorten your neck and emphasize the fullness of your face.  

Measure your choker size by wrapping a tape measure snugly around the base of your neck. Note the measurement then add 2 inches, and now you’ve got your length.  

Diamond Choker Necklace

Diamond chokers are typically reserved for special occasions, but don’t let that stop you from wearing them more often. These pieces are a favorite for royalty and celebrities alike. Keep in mind that the thicker the choker, the bigger the statement. For a more casual appearance, don a dainty tennis choker necklace instead. 

Diamond tennis choker necklace styled on female model

Pearl Choker Necklace

Pearls are everywhere and have undeniably made their mark on the bridal scene. Pearl chokers were made for strapless and off-the-shoulder gowns, accentuating the neckline with pure perfection. Embrace the timeless elegance of pearls with a modern twist and you’ll fall even more in love with your wedding day look.  

Pearl choker necklace styled on female model

Chain Choker Necklace

Chain chokers consist of a single chain (typically gold or sterling silver) and are able to be either understated or dramatic depending on the thickness and style. A dainty choker necklace exemplifies minimalism at its finest, supplementing your outfit without overwhelming it. We recommend pairing your chain choker with longer necklaces to add texture. The gold choker necklace shown here is lovely on its own but could be elevated when layered. In this post, learn how to layer your necklaces in a way that appears intentional yet is effortlessly chic. 

Chain choker necklace styled on female model

Flora and Fauna Choker Necklaces

Flora and fauna chokers are trendy necklaces bursting with detail in every which way. Animal chokers with their fierce motifs can empower any wearer, while the fanciful designs of flower chokers appeal to a flirty and feminine side. 

Roberto Coin flower choker necklace

Fashion Choker Necklace

Fashion chokers are more accessible than their fine jewelry counterparts, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals eager to experiment with different trends. A Swarovski choker necklace, for example, gives all the luxury feels at a more affordable price point. 

Swarovski choker necklace

How To Wear a Choker

How you wear your choker is entirely up to you, but here are our tips so you don’t commit any fashion faux pas.  

Choose a neckline that leaves space between your choker and your chest i.e., a v neck, strapless, sweetheart, and square. This will elongate your neck and balance your proportions. While your outfit and choker can contrast, avoid wearing a choker with an outfit that clashes in color or style, like a busy dress with an ornate choker. The right choker will complete your look not compete with it. Be especially mindful of other jewelry you choose to wear alongside your choker. Earrings should frame your face without interfering with the necklace. Ultimately, it’s our advice to pick a choker that checks all your boxes.  

Designer Chokers

Each of these brands offers a fresh take on designer choker necklaces, keeping them relevant for today’s fashion forward individuals.  


FOPE is an Italian jewelry designer renowned for their innovative Flex’it technology. The craftsmanship infuses two-tone metals with a flexible design, resulting in chokers that are both luxurious and comfortable. 

FOPE choker necklace

Harwell Godfrey 

Woman-owned jewelry designer Harwell Godfrey excels at crafting sustainable, culturally rich jewelry. The designs bring a creative spin to the choker trend with their bold artistry and personability. 

Harwell Godfrey 16" necklace

Though designs have evolved, chokers have endured for over 4,000 years on the jewelry market and they’re not going anywheretrend or no trend. Show us how you’re styling your choker necklaces from Borsheims on social media by tagging @borsheims. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.