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How To Layer Necklaces Like a Professional

Your necklaces are more than mere accessories and, when layered together, they can add depth and dimension that a single piece alone cannot achieve.

For a simple way to layer your necklaces, we invite you to explore our collection of pre-layered necklaces.

If a more personalized stack is what you’re aiming for, in this article, we’ll introduce you to necklace layering options to style around your desired aesthetic and attire.

And for a custom necklace stack, our team of luxury jewelry experts can assist you during a private shopping appointment – either virtually or in our flagship store.

Necklace Layering Tips and Styling Secrets

Successful necklace layering begins and ends with balance. This is essential to creating a look that feels both intentional and effortless. Consider the scale and proportion of the necklaces you wish to layer in relation to each other and to your body; no single piece should dominate to the point of overshadowing the others. Necklaces should be compatible with the wearer’s frame and outfit, and we’ll provide guidance on this in greater detail below.

To begin layering necklaces, we recommend choosing a statement necklace that your other pieces will accent. This can be a pendant, choker, or any other standout item that corresponds with your signature style.

Your subsequent necklace selections can complement the centerpiece in a variety of ways. One, they can add depth to your ensemble, which can be achieved by mixing necklace lengths. Begin at the top of your neckline with a shorter necklace, followed by one or two medium-length pieces, and finish with a longer necklace that falls below the others. These layers can also create dimension through a blend of texture and material—chains, gemstones, pearls, beads, and more. Overall, the intent of these layers is to enrich the composite without competing for attention.

Remember, necklace layering is a deeply personal process. To ensure you’re curating a collection that will stand the test of time, choose pieces that hold significance for you and try to steer clear of fleeting trends.


Your Layering FAQ’s Answered

Q: How do I layer necklaces that are the same length?

A: When done right, layering necklaces of the same length allows you a more focused look. We recommend utilizing spacers and choosing necklaces with different textures, materials, or pendant sizes to create variation, as altering length is not an option. Consider your neckline and the space you have to showcase the layers. Higher necklines may require more delicate and understated pieces to avoid overwhelming the look, while lower necklines might benefit from bolder designs that accentuate the exposed area.

Q: How do I layer my necklaces without tangling them?

A: A necklace by itself can easily become tangled, making the management of two or more seem impossible. But rest assured; it’s certainly less complicated than those knots! We recommend a storage option that prioritizes individual compartments or hooks to keep each necklace separate and tangle-free.

Layering Options for Every Neckline in Your Closet

V Neckline

Necklaces layered for a V neckline should follow the natural V shape of your neckline, guiding the eye down and complementing the cut of your top. Start with a shorter necklace that sits just above the collarbone, followed by one or two medium to long strands that echo the V’s angle. 

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

To style the spacious off-the-shoulder neckline, begin with a choker or a short necklace that closely hugs your neck to draw attention upward. Next, introduce mid-length strands that drape further down your chest. Choosing pieces that are light and dainty will maintain your neckline’s floating effect.

Square Neckline

Styling the clean lines and angles of a square neckline requires a thoughtful approach to balance the geometric cut. Opt for a choker or a shorter necklace to start that aligns closely with the upper edge of the square cut. Build on this with medium-length pieces that either mirror the square shape or introduce soft curves to contrast your neckline’s angularity.

Turtleneck Neckline

Given the high neckline, this look calls for an array of lengths to build depth. Begin with a slim, close-to-the-neck piece—perhaps a choker or a slender chain—for the first layer. Following this, add medium to long-length to contrast your turtleneck’s simplicity.

Crew Neckline

The relatively high and close-fitting design of the crew neckline necessitates a strategic contrast of necklace lengths, blending shorter, more snug pieces with longer, flowing chains. Start by selecting a short, delicate piece that sits just above your neckline, ensuring it doesn’t get lost against your top. Finish the ensemble with one or two longer chains or pendants that fall below your neckline.

Scoop Neckline

Most, if not all, necklaces follow the signature swoop of a scoop neckline, making it easy to style. Start with a fine, delicate chain that nestles just below your collarbone and then gradually add longer pieces, ensuring each one slightly overlaps the previous.

Collared Shirt Neckline

With the collar serving as a structured framework, a choker or a close-fitting necklace is the perfect starting layer for this neckline. Clasp on a mid-length pendant that falls just above the last closed button, allowing it to peek through just a little. If the setting permits, introduce a longer chain or pendant that drops below your collar to soften the formalities of your shirt.

Strapless Neckline

A strapless neckline introduces an additional element (the exposed shoulder region), offering more space to play with. We suggest a medium-length pendant that lies flat against the skin to draw attention to the center of your collarbone. Following this, frame your initial piece with shorter and longer necklaces.

Sweetheart Neckline

The success of layering a sweetheart neckline hinges on choosing pieces that echo its heart-shaped contours. Start with a delicate, shorter necklace that sits just at or above your neckline. Follow this with a slightly longer piece that can dangle over the fabric, ideally a pendant that matches your neckline’s curvature or adds a contrasting shape.  

Halter Neckline

A halter neckline exhibits a unique shape that ties behind the neck, leaving less open space at the collarbone. Therefore, we recommend a choker or a short necklace that sits closely around your neck to highlight the halter’s high cut without interfering with its structure. If space and style allow, consider adding a longer, slender pendant that drops down the center, balancing the halter’s upward draw.

From versatile sets for everyday wear to unique pieces designed for special occasions, Borsheims can assist in finding the perfect necklace sets to elevate your accessorizing. Call or text 402.391.0400 or book an appointment online today to get started.