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This Year’s Most Popular Necklace Trends

Some of our favorite jewelry trends for this year come in the form of necklaces. These popular necklace styles are suitable for any season and will take you all the way from spring through winter. 

One of the most significant overall trends we are seeing continue into this year is layering. From simple staggered pendants to multiple messy layers, it’s the more, the merrier when it comes to necklaces. In terms of trending metals, we are seeing everything from a resurgence of yellow gold to the tried and true white gold and sterling silver. Rose gold has also continued its popularity from previous years. Scroll on for our top trending necklace picks for this year. 

1.) Diamond Necklaces

diamond tennis necklace

Whether it’s a simple diamond pendant or a sparkly tennis necklace, diamond necklaces are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any ensemble. While they are an investment, diamond necklaces never go out of style and can be passed down through generations.

2.) Disc Necklaces

diamond disc necklaces

Disc pendants and medallion necklaces make for an effortless yet pulled-together look and are great for layering.

3.) Link Necklaces

yellow gold paperclip chain necklace

From slender paperclip styles to chunky chains, link necklaces continue to be the “it” accessory for 2021.

4.) Charm Necklaces

monica rich kosann charm necklaces

Charm necklaces are back and more stylish than ever. Sentimental jewelry is always in style, and charms are the perfect way to express yourself. Tell your own story with unique tokens and gemstones that symbolize your passions and hobbies.

5.) Pearl Necklaces

pearl necklace

The pearl trend is going strong into 2021. From classic to modern, jewelry designers are continuing to come up with new and different ways to incorporate pearls into their jewelry designs. Look for pearl necklaces that feature pearls with unique shapes and colors, as well as shiny metal accents.

6.) Toggle Necklaces

lagos toggle necklace

With toggle necklaces, the clasp is worn at the front and pulls double duty—helping to secure the necklace as well as offering a decorative element to the piece. We love the substantiality and functionality a toggle brings to the look of a necklace.

7.) Station Necklaces

diamond station necklace

Station necklaces offer endless versatility when it comes to styling as they can be wrapped around the neck several times or layered with other necklaces. Often featuring delicate designs, these necklaces can be found in a variety of materials, with diamond station necklaces being the most popular. 

8.) Locket Necklaces

monica rich kosann locket necklace

Locket necklaces have been around for centuries, and we love the sentimental nature of wearing photos of the ones you love close to your heart. Designer Monica Rich Kosann creates a wide array of exquisite lockets with a modern flair yet timeless appeal. 

9.) Gemstone Necklaces

gemstone necklaces

This emerging trend for 2021 centers around necklace designs featuring substantial stones and the use of multiple gems. If you’re looking for a meaningful gemstone to work into your wardrobe, you should think about incorporating your birthstone or that of a loved one.

10.) Celestial-Inspired Necklaces

monica rich kosann crescent moon necklace

Create a look that’s out of this world with a celestial pendant inspired by the sun, moon, or stars. 

11.) Beaded Necklaces

beaded necklace

This year’s runways were bursting with colorful jewelry, and beaded necklaces are a great way to introduce fun pops of color as well as texture into your wardrobe.

12.) Lariat and Y-Drop Necklaces

diamond y necklace

Lariat and Y drop necklaces come in varying lengths and dip and drape beautifully over the neckline and chest. These lanky necklaces pair especially well with a v-neckline. 

13.) Initial Necklaces

yellow gold initial pendant neckalces

Initial necklaces are wildly popular with Instagram influencers and celebrities alike. While wearing a letter from your own name or that of a loved one isn’t anything new, designers are coming up with fashion-forward approaches to the look. 

If you need help picking out the perfect necklace for yourself or someone else, one of our jewelry experts would be happy to assist you. Call 1.800.642.4438 during store hours to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates.

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