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The Most Anticipated Earring Trends of 2023

From trendy earring styles to everyday jewelry staples, like classic diamond studs, no look is complete without the perfect pair of earrings. Whether you prefer hoops, dangles or studs, there’s a wide array of earring types to suit your style and help you look put together, no matter what you’re wearing. Read on to learn more about the most popular earring trends for 2023. 

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a favorite trend that evolves from year to year. Sleek gold and silver styles in every size continue to be popular for everyday wear, while hoops embellished with diamonds take your ensemble up a notch. You can even double up your hoops, mixing various sizes and textures to create a unique and fashion-forward look.

double gold hoop earrings

Modern Pearl Earrings

Who doesn’t appreciate the timeless beauty and elegance of pearl earrings? We are especially fond of the modern updates being incorporated into pearl earring designs today. From unique shapes and colors to interesting accents and metalwork, modern pearl earrings are a trend that should be embraced all year long.

dangle pearl earrings

Colorful Statement Earrings

Give your spring or summer ensemble a shot of life with a pop of color on your ears. Pinks, blues, greens and more will be a welcome sight as the weather turns warmer.

blue dangle earrings

Sculptural Earrings

The popularity of metal jewelry with sculptural silhouettes is expected to soar in 2023. Earrings featuring geometric shapes are unique and sophisticated and are sure to be an outfit-maker, if not a conversation starter!

triangle shape earrings

Celestial Earrings

Many people find themselves drawn to celestial jewelry, whether for its whimsical, playful charm or its seeming connection to the universe and the great beyond. Moons and stars are among the most popular symbols in celestial jewelry designs and transition seamlessly from season to season.

celestial earrings

Curated Ears

Curated ears are everywhere this year and we love the youthful vibe of a well-appointed ear stack. Mixing different earring styles, textures and colors creates a look that’s visually interesting and fresh.

curated ear stack

Chain Link Earrings

We saw the chain link jewelry trend really take off in 2020, but this year it has moved beyond just necklaces and bracelets into earrings. More and more jewelry designers are introducing chain link earrings into their collections for their edgy yet elegant appeal.

chain link earrings

Dazzling Diamond Earrings

Embrace the earring trend that will never go out of style with a pair of diamond earrings. From diamond studs to diamond drops, diamond earrings are providing the sparkle we need in 2023.

diamond stud

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