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What Does the Evil Eye Mean in Jewelry?

After 2020, the theme all around seems to be no bad vibes, so it’s no surprise that a symbol designed to protect the wearer is in the limelight of stylish jewelry.  

Evil Eye Meaning

The evil eye is associated with envy and jealousy, and it is believed that these negative emotions cause harm to others. By wearing evil eye jewelry, one may protect themselves from the effects; the eye acts as a shield, reflecting the illwill back onto the onlooker.

Belief in the evil eye is not limited to any single religion or culture. It is found in different forms across various civilizations, including Greek, Roman, Jewish, Arabic, and Hindu cultures. Many societies adorn their children with the symbol because, as innocent as they are, they are more likely to attract envious glances that could bring trouble. Evil eye amulets are commonly exchanged as gifts during important life events as a way of expressing wishes of safety and happiness.  

Is the Evil Eye Good or Bad?

The concept of the evil eye has a dual nature—it is both a negative force and a protective symbol. While the evil eye curse is considered harmful, the evil eye symbol, particularly in the form of jewelry, is employed as a protective measure to ward off the very misfortunes associated with the curse.

Evil Eye Color Meaning

Typically, evil eye jewelry features a blue eye motif, though it can also appear in other colors. A red evil eye is said to fuel passion and drive, as its strong color wards off fear and provides additional strength to the wearer. Orange evil eyes are believed to uplift spirits, foster emotional healing, and inspire artistic endeavors. A yellow evil eye brings happiness and good fortune, linked to improved health and the breaking of negative patterns. Wearing a green evil eye is thought to attract harmony, restore balance, and promote feelings of love and well-being. Spirituality, wisdom, and enlightenment are the supposed virtues of a purple evil eye. A black evil eye offers power and preparation for the unknown. And lastly, a white evil eye signifies purity and focus, helping to clear obstacles and bring about mental clarity. 

No matter the color, each variation of the evil eye symbol is designed with the intent to protect and nurture the wearer through its specific attributes. 


Evil Eye Necklaces

The placement of the evil eye pendant close to the heart lends a formidable guard against envious gazes, instilling a sense of security in the wearer. Deepen your spiritual journey by layering your evil eye necklace with other significant emblems. Pairing an evil eye with a hamsa necklace brings together two powerful markers of defense. The pictured yellow gold evil eye necklace is a classic Grecian style made from enamel. 

Evil eye necklace from Borsheims



Evil Eye Earrings

The proximity of evil eye earrings to the head extends a direct line of defense, creating a protective aura surrounding one’s thoughts and ideas. A fusion of ancient tradition and twenty-first century artistry makes this fine jewelry truly exceptional. The tsavorite garnets in the evil eye stud earrings shown are mesmerizing surrounded by a halo of diamonds. 

Evil eye earrings from Borsheims

Evil Eye Rings

There are no strict rules regarding which finger should wear the evil eye symbol. The placement of the ring on the thumb is associated with freedom and individualityMeanwhile, the index finger, or pointer finger, is connected to leadership and ambition. The middle finger is a powerful position, being centrally located, that is associated with balance and responsibility, signifying stability in one’s decisions and actions. Wearing the evil eye on the ring finger can be a fitting choice for those seeking to fortify their emotional well-being and romantic connections. Regardless of your choice, it should be one that reflects individual desires, comfort, and style preferences. 

Harwell Godfrey evil eye ring from Borsheims

Evil Eye Bracelets

Stacking your evil eye bracelet with multiple jewelry styles can create a personalized and dynamic look. For a chic, bohemian effect, fashion it with complementary pieces like station and mixed metal bracelets. You may consider incorporating additional charms into the mix that hold personal weight. For a more elegant approach, pair an evil eye bracelet with a minimalistic watch.  

Swarovksi evil eye bracelet from Borsheims

Exploring new trends can often introduce special practices into our daily lives. Consider evil eye protection for your next gifting occasion and give more than just the tangible.