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Fine China

Perfect for those formal occasions, Borsheims offers a wide selection of traditional and contemporary fine bone china and limoges porcelain patterns to grace your tabletop. 

Dinnerware Collections

Pickard Argentatus Dinnerware FAM305002 0.00 Pickard china is noted for its graceful shapes, lightness and delicacy, unusual strength and brilliant glaze. A style that caters to those looking for elegant, timeless upscale dinnerware. Pickard
Herend Chinese Bouquet Garland Black Sapphire Dinnerware FAM170116 0.00 Herend's Chinese Bouquet Garland Black Sapphire dinnerware is like a pretty silk ribbon used to tie a bridal bouquet, the garland usually plays a supporting role by embellishing the peony motif of the Chinese Bouquet pattern. Here it becomes the principal source of beauty by draping the edges of its porcelain host with stylized vines and gold rosettes. Herend
Kate Spade Laurel Street Dinnerware FAM187973 0.00 Inspired by seersucker fabric, iconic of the kate spade new york brand, these dishes are accented with microwave-safe platinum banding. Kate Spade
Kate Spade Spring Street Cobalt Dinnerware FAM88014 0.00 Bold, bright, and lively, kate spade new york's Spring Street Cobalt Collection features crisp white porcelain, finished in a floral wood blocked print and punchy polka dots. Kate Spade
Kate Spade Savannah Dinnerware FAM87980 0.00 Kate Spade's Savannah Street Dinnerware is trimmed with gold-tone bands of muted color on beautiful white porcelain. <li>Porcelain</li> <li>Dishwasher safe</li> <li>Microwave safe</li> Kate Spade
Bernardaud Ecume White Dinnerware FAM149828 0.00 Subtle effects within the material, masterful glazing work, the hollow engraving of Ecume makes for a contemporary and poetic collection that produces a highly elegant and modern table setting. Bernardaud
Vista Alegre Broadway White Dinnerware FAM170111 0.00 Vista Alegre Broadway white dinnerware makes your table the setting for an elegant and timeless scenario. Whatever the occasion, the Broadway dinner set will live up to it. A contemporary touch with the timeless trace of the best design. Vista Alegre
Costa Nova Madeira Grey Dinnerware FAM168973 0.00 Costa Nova's Madeira collection takes stoneware to a new level of design. Inspired by nature, it features three vivid colors, the unique “crackled” surface is similar to the effect of dappled lighting, made using the latest techniques. A unique and exclusive collection, precious pieces that mark lifestyle and betray emotions with their remarkable style.&nbsp; Costa Nova
Porcel Auratus OB Dinnerware FAM301207 0.00 Developed by the Design Department of Porcel, this magnificent Auratus OB Collecion was born from the research of new effects for porcelain. It did match the newest market trends based on relief and mate/shining effects.
Pickard Bracelet Dinnerware FAM14271 0.00 With classic simplicity, Bracelet has a lustrous platinum band which glows on the warm ivory china. Timeless, understated elegance. Handcrafted in the U.S. and dishwasher saf Pickard
InStock $ 55.20
Vera Wang Vera Moderne Dinnerware FAM149859 0.00 Vera Wang Vera Moderne Dinnerware is chic, fine bone china is updated for today's bride with a geometric eyelet pattern.&nbsp; There is a rich paltinum detailing the Vera Moderne dinnerware. Vera Wang
Vista Alegre Ornament Dinnerware FAM301204 0.00 Inspired by the ceilings of the Vista Alegre Palace, Ornament surprises with its sophistication and subtlety of the white relief on the white pieces,uniting classical architecture and contemporary design. Dinnerware made of Porcelain.
Rosenthal Loft Dinnerware FAM301202 0.00 This fine Thomas dinnerware is called Rosenthal Loft White. It is produced using the finest porcelain creating a style that is best described as casual and simple. The most prominent color of this item is white. Rosenthal
InStock $ 8.00
L'Objet Aegean White Dinnerware FAM301200 0.00 Inspired by the Greco-Roman treasures of the ancient world and named for the sea stretching between Greece and Turkey, Aegean is derived from the Greek word “aiges,” meaning “waves.” The L'Objet Aegean white dinnerware collection features a decidedly classic motif, reimagined for contemporary tables. L'Object
Wedgwood Gio Dinnerware FAM40023 0.00 Wedgwood’s Gio collection is a contemporary range of stylish white fine bone china with a distinctive Intaglio texture created for the modern home. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this collection is designed for everyday dining, with shapes and serveware also ideal for sharing food "tapas style." The Gio 4-Piece Place Setting includes a Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Soup/Cereal Bowl and Mug, perfect for modern living. Wedgwood
InStock $ 23.00
Wedgwood Sterling Dinnerware FAM14247 0.00 Classic yet with modern twist, Sterling utilizes shiny platinum rims for extraordinary beauty and durability. Sure to be a china of choice for years to come.&nbsp; Wedgwood
Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Polka Gold Dinnerware FAM71481 0.00 Recalling the great botanical artists of the 16th and 17th centuries, Anna Weatherley lovingly imbues her hand-painted porcelain tableware with equal vitality and deft. Her worldly background and intensive artistic training have served to secure her reputation as one of the most gifted craftspeople in the industry. Finding inspiration in myriad natural settings across the globe, from the exotic flora and fauna of South America to the familiar gardens in her own backyard, Anna Weatherley balances cleverly accented nuance with a virility of spirit in each piece. Simply Anna Polka is a great accent to the simplicity of Simply Anna. Anna Weatherley
Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Platinum Dinnerware FAM140386 0.00 Anna Weatherley dinnerware is hand-painted porcelain. The colors are carefully applied on the porcelain with fine brushes in many shadings and fired several times at high temperatures. This time-consuming and meticulous process in the hands of master porcelain painters produces the most detailed and sumptuous rendering of nature's treasures. Anna Weatherley
Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Antique Polka Dinnerware FAM149894 0.00 Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Antique Polka Dinnerware colors are carefully applied on the porcelain with fine brushes and fired several times at high temperatures. Simple Anna Antique Polka will be perfect for any occasion.&nbsp;&nbsp; Anna Weatherley
Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Antique Dinnerware FAM149882 0.00 Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Antique Dinnerware colors are carefully applied on the porcelain with fine brushes and fired several times at high temperatures. Simple Anna Antique will be perfect for any occasion.&nbsp;&nbsp; Anna Weatherley