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The world's leader in the silver care industry, Hagerty offers silver care products to maintain your fine silver serveware and stemware.
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Silver Care Package 6SLVR0009 0.00 <div>The complete Hagerty Silver Care Package is a silver polishing kit that contains everything you need to keep your most precious sterling, silver plate, and gold treasures showroom bright. Includes one each:</div><div>•8 fl. oz. Hagerty Silversmiths’ Polish</div><div>•7 fl. oz. Hagerty Silver Foam</div><div>•Hagerty Horsehair Silver Brush</div><div>•Hagerty Tarnish Preventing Polishing Cloth</div><div><br></div> Borsheims
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Silver Protection Strips 5SLVR0003 0.00 Hagerty Silver Protection Strips were developed to neutralize tarnish-causing sulfur gases inside enclosed storage or display areas—keeping polished silver shining and ready for immediate use for up to six full months. Ideal for china cabinets, drawers, closets, and jewelry boxes.. Borsheims
Silversmiths' Gloves 5SLVR0006 0.00 Hagerty Silversmiths’ Gloves clean, polish, and prevent tarnish on sterling, silver plate, and gold while hands stay dry and unsoiled. Made of heavy-guage terry cloth, these gloves can withstand scores of washings. Contains R-22, Hagerty’s exclusive tarnish preventative that locks out tarnish ten times longer!<div><br></div><div><div>•Put on gloves</div><div>•Wipe away tarnish</div><div>•When gloves turn black, machine wash and retreat with Hagerty Silversmiths’ Spray Polish</div></div><div><br></div> Borsheims
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Stainless Steel Wash 6SLVR0007 0.00 Effortlessly remove water deposits and soap residue without streaking with Hagerty Stainless Steel Wash. This non-abrasive formula imparts a brilliant, mirror-like shine to all stainless steel and chrome objects.<div><div>•Apply a liberal amount of Hagerty Stainless Steel Wash with a soft cloth</div><div>•Let dry</div><div>•Polish with a soft, dry cloth</div></div><div><br></div> Borsheims
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Silver Polish Sponge Applicators 6SLVR0004 0.00 The Hagerty Silver Polish Sponge Applicator is a tool recommended by leading silversmiths as the best way to apply Hagerty Silver Foam, Hagerty Silversmiths’ Wash, and Hagerty Silversmiths’ Polish. Each box contains four compressed sponge applicators that expand when wet.<div><br></div><div><div>•Wet the sponge under warm water until fully expanded</div><div>•Apply a liberal amount of Hagerty Silver Foam, Silversmiths’ Wash, or Silversmiths’ Polish</div><div>•Rub on silver in a circular pattern</div></div><div><br></div> Borsheims