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Hobo International

A customer favorite, Hobo's collection of high quality handcrafted leather handbags and wallets are wearable season after season and age beautifully with time. These accessories will be evergreen staples to your wardrobe.
Hobo Leather Cream 6MIPA0609 0.00 Restores, protects, and preserves. Hobo&rsquo;s leather cream is handmade in the USA with all natural ingredients. It is a rich conditioner crafted with beeswax that naturally protects against the elements and protects the leather. <br /> <li><span>Not for use on nubuck, suede, or high-gloss leather. We cannot guarantee that this cream will correct all blemishes or protect from natural wear and tear that occurs over time. </span></li> <li><span>Use a soft, dry cloth. Apply a thin coat to a small space and work into leather in small circular motions. Allow cream to dry. Buff with a clean, dry cloth. Notice the natural luster of the leather and enjoy!</span></li> HOBO
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Hobo International Lauren Clutch Wallet, Cardinal 6WLLT0584 0.00 <p>Hobo's iconic Lauren clutch-wallet is the definition of beauty that works. Effortlessly functional with a timelessly cool silhouette, the Lauren can hold your smartphone, cash, cards, ID, receipts, and coins; crafted in our vintage hide.</p> <p>&bull;Wanderlust lining<br /> &bull;Polyester Interior<br /> &bull;Brushed Nickel hardware<br /> &bull;Hidden Magnet Closure<br /> &bull;Exterior: Front Frame Compartment has back wall zip pocket; Back Frame Compartment has 6 credit card slots, Slip pocket &amp; bill slot<br /> &bull;Interior: Zip compartment, ID holder, 3 credit card slots<br /> &bull;Fits up to an iPhone 7 Plus</p> HOBO
Hobo Lauren Clutch Wallet, Black 6WLLT0164 0.00 The legendary Lauren wallet is adored for its versatility and stylish silhouette. Easily take Lauren from day to night- from the inside of your bag to carrying it as your clutch. It has compartments, zippers, and slots for all of your necessities- from your cash to your smartphone! You will feel organized and fashionable with the Lauren in hand.<br> <br> Lining Type: Autumn Leaves Or Other Print<br> Ext Pocket Type: None<br> Int Pocket Type: 9 Credit Card Slots; 2 Zip Pockets; Slip Pocket; Bill Slot; Id Window<br> Closure: Frame Closure<br> Bottom Width: 8.5"W<br> Size: 8.5"W X 5"H X 1"D<br> Strap Drop: No Strap<br> Hardware: Brushed Nickel HOBO
Hobo International Euro Slide Credit Card Wallet, Cardinal 6WLLT0572 0.00 <p>Designed for the travelers and the wanderers, the Hobo Euro Slide Wallet is made to keep your passport, credit cards, and ID secure and organized.</p> <p>&bull;Wanderlust lining<br /> &bull;Polyester Interior<br /> &bull;Brushed Nickel hardware<br /> &bull;Exterior Pockets: Zip pocket and slip pocket, ID holder and 5 Credit Card slots<br /> &bull;Fits your passport!</p> HOBO
Hobo International Cadence Convertible Crossbody, Cardinal 6PRSE0736 0.00 <p>Designed for minimalists and made to hold just the necessities, the Hobo Cadence crossbody bag is convertible and made to be a crossbody or long shoulder bag. </p> <p>26" Strap Drop<br /> &bull;Wanderlust lining<br /> &bull;Polyester Interior<br /> &bull;Brushed Nickel hardware<br /> &bull;Zip closure<br /> &bull;Exterior: Front wall slip pocket, Back wall cell pocket - perfect for your smartphone<br /> &bull;Interior: Back Wall zip pocket; front wall 3 slot credit card wall<br /> &bull;Strap is convertible making it a crossbody or long shoulder<br /> &bull;Solid leather single strap<br /> &bull;Fits up to an iPhone 7 plus</p> HOBO
Hobo Cadence, Black 6PRSE0549 0.00 Designed for minimalists and made to hold just the necessities, Hobo's Cadence is convertible and made to be a crossbody bag or long shoulder bag.<div><div><ul><li>Strap is convertible making it a crossbody, long or short shoulder or wristie!<br></li><li>Brushed Nickel hardware<br></li><li>Zip closure<br></li><li>Exterior: Front wall slip pocket, Back wall cell pocket - perfect for your smartphone<br></li><li>Interior: Back Wall zip pocket; front wall 3 slot credit card wall<br></li><li>Fits up to an iPhone 7 plus<br></li><li>Wanderlust lining<br></li><li>Solid leather single strap<br></li><li>26" Strap Drop<br></li><li>9" L&nbsp; x&nbsp; 5" H&nbsp; x 2" D&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></li></ul></div></div><div><br></div> HOBO
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Hobo River Backpack, Black 6PRSE1139 0.00 Loved by fashion influencers and editors, the Hobo River backpack is a must-have for backpack fans. Comfortable, functional, and chic, it is a bag that you’ll reach for repeatedly.&nbsp;<div><br></div><div><div><ul><li>Adjustable straps for your perfectly comfortable fit<br></li><li>Old English Brass hardware<br></li><li>Zip Closure<br></li><li>Exterior: Back wall cell pocket - perfect for your smartphone<br></li><li>Interior: Back wall zip pocket with slip and pen pockets on top<br></li><li>Fits up to an iPhone 8 Plus<br></li><li>Wanderlust lining<br></li><li>Double solid leather straps<br></li><li>4.5" Strap Drop<br></li><li>12" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 11.5" H&nbsp; x 5" D&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></li></ul></div></div><div><br></div> HOBO
Hobo Wish ID Card Bag Charm, Mink 6WLLT0813 0.00 <div class="desc-tabs"><div class="tab-content"><div id="spec"><div>Made to stow away your ID and most-used credit card, ideal for travel and festival life; crafted in Hobo's vintage hide and finished with a leather-laced design element.&nbsp;<br></div><div><br></div><div><div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass<br></li><li>Tab snap closure<br></li><li>Exterior: Snap closure pocket<br></li><li>18" Strap Drop<br></li><li>4" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 3" H&nbsp; x 0.5" D&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></li></ul></div></div><div><br></div></div></div></div><div class="vintage-block"></div> HOBO
Hobo Lennox, Black 6PRSE1120 0.00 A slouchy shoulder bag crafted in hobo’s vintage hide with our signature thin tassels, a comfortable shoulder drop, + spacious interior.&nbsp;<div><div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass hardware<br></li><li>Zip closure<br></li><li>Exterior: Back wall slip pocket for cell phone<br></li><li>Interior: Large back wall slip pocket on top of a zip pocket, 2 slip pockets on front wall<br></li><li>Fits smartphones and readers<br></li><li>Wanderlust lining<br></li><li>Solid Leather single strap<br></li><li>11'' Strap Drop<br></li><li>16" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 11.5" H&nbsp; x 4" D&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></li></ul></div></div><div><br></div> HOBO
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Hobo Rachel Wallet, Black 6WLLT0796 0.00 A forever Hobo icon and made to last, the Rachel wallet will only get better with daily wear &amp; tear over the years, where each well-earned mark tells a story.&nbsp;<div><ul><li>Brushed Gold hardware<br></li><li>Hidden magnet closure<br></li><li>Exterior: Large Framed Compartment<br></li><li>Interior: 2 Bill Slots, 2 slip pockets, Mirror with pocket, Small zip coin compartment, 8 Credit Card slots<br></li><li>Wanderlust lining<br></li><li>8.25" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 4" H&nbsp; x 1" D&nbsp;&nbsp;</li></ul></div> HOBO
Hobo Zip Credit Card Wallet, Black 6WLLT0809 0.00 A compact credit card case crafted in Hobo's signature vintage hide leather.<div><ul><li>Brushed Antique brass hardware<br></li><li>Zip Around Closure<br></li><li>Exterior: Card pocket<br></li><li>Interior: Key ring on chain<br></li><li>Wanderlust Lining<br></li><li>4.25" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 3" H&nbsp; x 0.75" D&nbsp;&nbsp;</li></ul></div> HOBO
Hobo Sable Wristlet, Black 6PRSE0627 0.00 Hobo's iconic Sable clutch, crafted in leather hides that only get more beautiful with use and wear.<div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass hardware<br></li><li>Zip closure<br></li><li>Interior: Back wall zip pocket ; Front wall 6 slot credit card wall on top of bill slot<br></li><li>Fits up to an iPhone 8 plus<br></li><li>Wanderlust lining<br></li><li>Solid leather wrist strap<br></li><li>10" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 6" H&nbsp; x 0.5" D&nbsp;&nbsp;</li></ul></div> HOBO
Hobo Convey Bag, Ash 6WLLT0635 0.00 Crafted in vintage hide and made to last, the Convey wallet will be your everyday companion- keeping your cards, cash, and ID organized and secure.<div><br></div><div><div>Brushed Antique Brass hardware</div><div>Snap closure</div><div>Exterior: Back wall coin zip compartment</div><div>Interior: 2 Bill slots, 5 Slip pockets, ID holder &amp; 11 Credit card slots</div><div>Wanderlust lining</div><div>5.75" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 3.75" H&nbsp; x 1.25" D</div></div> HOBO
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Hobo Wynn Wallet, Black 6WLLT0849 0.00 The Hobo Wynn wallet is a boho-chic leather wallet featuring exterior whipstitching and an easy, yet secure, zip around closure.<div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass hardware</li><li>Zip around closure</li><li>Interior: Center zip pocket; ID holder; 2 bill slots; 12 credit card slots</li><li>Fits up to an iPhone Xs</li><li>Wanderlust lining</li><li>8" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 4" H&nbsp; x 1" D&nbsp;&nbsp;</li></ul></div> HOBO
Hobo Alegra Shoulder Bag, Oyster 6PRSE1379 0.00 A structured leather shoulder bag with whipstitch embroidery for a boho-chic detail that you will love; crafted in Hobo's signature vintage hide leather.<div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass hardware</li><li>Top zip closure</li><li>Exterior: Front and back wall slip pockets</li><li>Interior: Back wall zip pocket with slip pocket on top; Front wall slip and pen pocket</li><li>Fits all cell phones and smaller readers</li><li>Wanderlust lining</li><li>Solid leather double straps</li><li>9.5" Strap Drop</li><li>13.5" W&nbsp; x&nbsp; 8.5" H&nbsp; x 4.5" D&nbsp;&nbsp;</li></ul></div> HOBO
Hobo Reign Shoulder Bag, Black 6PRSE1566 0.00 New to the shoulder bag crew, Hobo's Reign shoulder purse is spacious, comfortable, and cool while crafted in our vintage hide leather that only gets more beautiful with time, use, and wear.<div><div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass hardware</li><li>Top zip closure</li><li>Exterior: Back wall cell pocket; Front wall zip pocket</li><li>Interior: Back wall zip pocket with slip and pen pocket on top, front wall double slip pockets</li><li>Fits up to an iPhone 8 Plus</li><li>11" Strap Drop</li><li>15.75" W x 10.5" H x 6" D</li></ul></div></div> HOBO
Hobo Dunn Wallet, Black 6WLLT0864 0.00 Designed to be your daily companion, Hobo's Dunn wallet is made to function as your everyday wallet with compartments for cash, cards, and ID.<div><div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass hardware</li><li>Snap closure</li><li>Exterior: Back wall slip pocket, front wall 2 card slots, slip pocket</li><li>Interior: 5 slip pockets, ID holder &amp; 10 credit card slots</li><li>Fits up to an iPhone Xs</li><li>7.5" W x 3.5" H x 0.5" D</li></ul></div></div> HOBO
InStock $ 118
Hobo Scroll Wallet, Cobblestone 6WLLT0919 0.00 Crafted in Hobo's velvet hide leather, the Scroll wallet is a large leather wallet for women who want to keep all of their cards, cash, receipts, and coins organized.<div><ul><li>Brushed Antique Brass hardware</li><li>Snap closure</li><li>Exterior: back wall zip pocket</li><li>Interior pockets: ID holder, 3 slip compartments, 12 credit card slots</li><li>Fits up to an iPhone 8 Plus</li><li>8" W x 4" H x 0.5" D</li></ul></div> HOBO
HOBO Kori Purse, Parchment 6PRSE1584 0.00 Crafted in vintage hide leather, the Kori crossbody bag is the perfect size for an everyday, hands-free purse. Throw in your wallet, sunnies, keys, phone, and more. The long strap is removable, making it your oversized clutch as well, with a wristlet strap. HOBO
HOBO Meridan Purse, Graystone 6PRSE1643 0.00 A Hobo icon, the Meridian shoulder purse is spacious & slouchy with an exterior phone pocket and fringe tassel for both utility and style. Crafted in our signature velvet hide, our softest and most casual leather that only gets more beautiful over time. 10" Strap Drop HOBO
HOBO Elegy Purse, Black 6PRSE1645 0.00 This Hobo Elegy Purse in black is a must have for your collection. Inside this classic shoulder bag you will find two pockets; one that is zipped to protech important items, and one that is the perfect spot for your phone!&nbsp; HOBO
InStock $ 149
HOBO Forest Crossbody, Walnut 6PRSE1676 0.00 Keys, wallet, phone- somehow always lost in your purse. With this new Hobo Forest Crossbody, these items are easier to find thanks to the outside front pocket! HOBO
HOBO Bolero Crossbody, Graystone 6PRSE1689 0.00 This classic Hobo Bolero Crossbody in graystone comes with a magnetic snap closure to make sure nothing falls out. Toss your phone in the perfectly sized front pocket, big enough for your sunglasses, phone and a quick compact.&nbsp; HOBO