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Bringing museum-quality art into every day life, Nambe is committed to timeless beauty and uncompromising quality. Each platter, bowl and decor item combines wood and alloy to create modern yet functional pieces for every occasion.
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Nambe Aidan Stainless FAM83505 0.00 Handsome and optimistic, Aidan’s modern tailoring make it a perfect companion for almost any dinnerware. Forged of 18/10 Stainless Steel, Aidan is dishwasher friendly. Nambe
InStock $ 65.00
Nambe Anvil Salad Bowl with Servers 6BOWL1375 0.00 Serve up your gorgeous Greek salad, fresh-as-can-be Niçoise or classic Ceasar in a bowl worthy of your concoction’s mouth-watering allure. Our acacia wood Anvil Salad Bowl is the perfect counterpoint to bright greens and veggies. A pair of matching, softly fluted servers curve genteelly around the bowl’s rim to form a fitting resting place. With this Nambé piece in your sideboard, your salad just might steal the spotlight from the main course! Nambe
Nambe Baby Loop Spoon, Fork and Feeding Spoon 6BFLT0003 0.00 For our new Baby Nambé Collection, we turned to renowned designer Sean O'Hara, whose love of fluid forms reveals itself in a series of classic gift pieces that cater as much to parents' aesthetics as baby's needs. This three-piece set of implements serves both little diners and their parents during the period when toddlers transition from needing adult assistance at mealtimes to feeding themselves. Forged of lustrous, durable 18/10 stainless steel, the set comprises fork and spoon with looped handles for a toddler to grasp securely, and a feeding spoon with long, slender handle and narrow tear-drop-shaped head just right for an adult to maneuver into a tiny mouth on the opposite side of a high-chair. The implements are polished to a long-lasting mirror-finish shine and are dishwasher safe. An excellent gift choice for baby's Christening, or to otherwise celebrate a new arrival. Nambe
Nambe Bella Triple Condiment Server 6BOWL1252 0.00 An exquisite way to present and pass a trio of condiments. The Bella Triple Condiment has the innate style and substance of an heirloom piece, but it’s also incredibly practical. Crafted from Nambé’s signature alloy, the piece can be heated or chilled so that condiments stay the perfect temperature throughout a leisurely meal. (Try it with a trio of warm sundae toppings!) A shining, artful addition to any table; the silvery tone and classic lines allow it to work even in the most elegant of settings. Nambe
Nambe Blend Bar Board with Knife 6BARW1324 0.00 Hewn from solid acacia wood with a nook for the knife, the Blend Bar Board with Knife is the ideal way to keep the bar surface high-style and low-clutter during cocktail hour. This smart, handsome accessory is the perfect size for cutting lemons, limes, and other drink garnishes, and it fits neatly alongside classic and contemporary barware. (Also ideal for the mini-chopping needed to make smoothies, green drinks, and other blender creations.) A fabulous gift for your favorite beverage wrangler. Nambe
Nambe Braid Frame, 4x6 6FXML0679 0.00 What better way to set off your favorite photos than with the enduring and eye-catching brightness of chrome. Designer Sean O’Hara pushes the beauty of chrome to the next level with a delicate braid texture around the very edge of the frame, adding a timeless appeal. Slide in your favorite shot and watch the colors pop. The Braid Frame is a gem for the fireplace mantel or sideboard, and a thoughtful holiday or wedding gift. Nambe
InStock $ 60
Nambe Braid Frame, 5x7 6FXML0680 0.00 What better way to set off your favorite photos than with the enduring and eye-catching brightness of chrome. Designer Sean O’Hara pushes the beauty of chrome to the next level with a delicate braid texture around the very edge of the frame, adding a timeless appeal. Slide in your favorite shot and watch the colors pop. The Braid Frame is a gem for the fireplace mantel or sideboard, and a thoughtful holiday or wedding gift. Nambe
InStock $ 75
Nambe Braid Highball Pair SNMBE0027 0.00 Serenity and fine-design sensibility combine in the fabulous Braid Serving Tray, created by internationally recognized artist Sean O’Hara. Bright, highly tactile braided handles form a gleaming frame for a selection of cheeses, fruits, meats, nuts, olives, and other delights. Makes a memorable wedding gift for avid entertainers, and because of the blend of bright metal and rich grain wood, this is a piece that will work in casual, formal, and even eclectic surroundings, and complement virtually any dinnerware pattern Nambe
InStock $ 55.25
Nambe Butterfly Bowl, 7" 6BOWL1442 0.00 Among Nambe's earliest and most beloved designs, the Butterfly bowl was unveiled shortly after the birth of the company in the early 1950s, the creation of New Mexico sculptor Richard K. Thomas. This gloriously curved vessel is simple and joyful, its elongated sides gracefully reaching upward like wings aloft. In contrast to its namesake, however, this Butterfly is solid, weighty, and unexpectedly practical. The Nambé metal from which it is made is excellent at retaining temperatures at either extreme and is perfectly suitable for use with food. It adds elegance to pasta served family-style and is your secret to consistently crisp salads. Or simply use it to display what you want close at hand; the lustrous interior reflects the colors and shapes of its contents, accentuating the beauty of whatever lies within Nambe
InStock $ 100
Nambe Butterfly Set of 4 Salad Bowls 6BOWL1307 0.00 As light and lovely as its namesake, the Butterfly Individual Salad Bowl makes a beautiful backdrop for the bright colors of mixed greens or the pretty shapes of composed fruit. Organic in material and in shape, the bowl combines flowing scooped sides with a rippling rim, all enhanced by the rich grain of its wood materials. Luxurious to the touch, the acacia wood strikesa delicate balance between harmony and contrast, with subtle vertical lines, petite knots, and intriguing whorls. Even when full to the brim with fresh cherries, the bowl is visually compelling. A memorable gift with limitless uses, the bowl comes in a set of four, and a matching serving bowl is also available. The Butterfly Collection also includes servers, flatware, dinnerware, and accent pieces in a selection of crystal, metal alloy, and porcelain. Nambe
Nambe Crystal Butterfly Bowl DNBBY0007 0.00 The Butterfly Bowl elevates good design into an offering of love. Embracing its former name, Amore, the crystal bowl evokes a heart, open arms, a kiss. Uplifting swoops to the rim make this graceful piece by Neil Cohen an all-round, feel-good proposition. The smooth sides refract light deeply in the way only full-lead crystal can, making the form itself pure pleasure to admire. But every Nambé piece is functional as well, and the bowl switches from art work to serving piece in short order, offering a fresh fruit salad or choice snacks when company comes. Think of all the people in your life who would love this bowl. Nambé is pleased to welcome crystal into the extensive Butterfly collection of alloy, porcelain, and stainless-steel tableware. Designed by Neil Cohen Available in four sizes Use 4-inch bowl to hold small keepsakes, mints, or a tea light Nambe
LimitedAvailability $ 20
Nambe Curvo All Purpose Tongs 6HGMZ1880 0.00 Gourmet chefs will tell you that preparing food to perfection and arranging just-right portions takes skill, ingredients, and the right tools. Our Curvo All-Purpose Tongs bring style and functional simplicity to mealtime. These gently scooped tongs have just a hint of teeth at the end&mdash;useful for everything from pasta to mussels to stir-frying. Polished interior contrasts with burnished outside; oval shapes add a welcome bit of traction. <br /> Stainless steel <br /> Nambe
Nambe Curvo Spoon Rest 6MITT0443 0.00 Nambe Curvo Spoon Rest is made of stainless steel.&nbsp; The spoon rest will be nice to have in your kitchen or to use at party's. Nambe
InStock $ 30
Nambe Curvo Wine Rack 6BARW0141 0.00 The handsome Curvo Wine Rack is a breathtaking example of the way award-winning designer Steve Cozzolino engages the senses through fluid lines and sensual forms. Rich, lustrous acacia wood curves rhythmically to form spaces for four bottles, and the neat Namb&eacute; Alloy base completes the sculptural feel of the piece. This wine rack can be displayed from the side or the front for two distinct and fabulously artful effects; watch how people are drawn to it, and how they feel compelled to touch it. Acacia wood and Namb&eacute; alloy<br /> <br /> Design by Steve Cozzolino<br /> Introduced 2013<br /> Nambe
InStock $ 175
Nambe Dazzle Double Invite Frame 6FXML0823 0.00 Proudly display your most cherished memories side by side with the Double Invitation Frame. Ideal for showcasing a wedding invitation and favorite photo or a birth announcement, the Dazzle design creates an elegant effect that mirrors twinkling stars. Nambe
Nambe Dazzle Frame, 4x6 6FXML0698 0.00 The Dazzle Frame by Morrison &amp; Morrison is a lovely way to create an aura of excitement around your favorite photos without overwhelming them. The lustrous, polished silver plate frame is spangled with dazzles, like stars scattered across the sky. This is a design pattern that manages to feel both elegant and elemental, and will match a range of d&eacute;cor styles, from traditional to ultra-modern. Dazzle frames work horizontally and vertically; increase the effect by grouping them in a duo or trio. Nambe
Nambe Dazzle Toasting Flutes SNMBE0023 0.00 Celebrate that once-in-a-lifetime occasion in high style with the bright and effusive sparkle of our Dazzle Toasting Flutes. These two very special glass flutes rise up out of polished silver plate bases emblazoned with the glinting dazzle design, Nambe
LimitedAvailability $ 75
Nambe Dune Stainless FAM83508 0.00 This Namb&eacute; classic could have been crafted by the wind. Soft crescent-like arcs and rhythmic crests animate this ageless design. Forged in dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel. Dune reflects the landscape of it&rsquo;s origin, the timeless majesty of New Mexico. Nambe
InStock $ 60.00
Nambe Fjord Stainless FAM83523 0.00 Long-carved inlets of the sea guide the esthetic of this modern design. Look closely, you&rsquo;ll see the glow from the land of the midnight sun. Forged in easy care 18/10 stainless steel. Fjord is dishwasher safe. Nambe
InStock $ 65.00
Nambe Frond Stainless FAM83514 0.00 Fresh from the garden. Frond&rsquo;s supple organic shape, a testament to the elegance of nature. Forged of dishwasher safe 18/10 Stainless Steel, Frond will provide perennial beauty. Designed by Lou Henry. Nambe
InStock $ 65.00
Nambe Hug Salt and Pepper 6HGMZ0649 0.00 Deliver the Hug Salt & Pepper pair to the table without disrupting its sweet embrace. When someone says, ?Please pass the salt and pepper,? you can easily grasp the Namb? metal design at its waist. Of course, the two pieces function singly, but they look better in their own gentle hug. Use the non-tarnishing metal pair for entertaining or everyday. Nambe
Nambe Kissing Salt and Pepper 6HGMZ0076 0.00 Our classy (and classic) smoochers make a great conversation-starter, especially if you mention they're in the permanent collections of museums and have won all kinds of design awards. You must have a pair for you, of course, but what a gift for brides, Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries. One of those everyday items that answers the big question, "Who loves ya?" Nambe
Nambe Koink Piggy Bank 6BBNK0014 0.00 Fashioned after an adorable piglet, right down to the coil of its tail, the Koink Piggy Bank captures the innocence of a child in its whimsical design. The wooden base detaches to collect the coins, which are inserted through the two slots in its snout, and its stainless steel frame is tough enough to withstand a top-shelf fall. <br /> <br /> Nambe
InStock $ 85