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Italian by design, Ricci Argentieri is dedicated to producing flatware collections with exceptional quality and beauty. Their flatware patterns extend to the ends of the pieces and on both front and back, detailing which is found only on the best flatware The highest quality, weight, balance and detail are apparent in every Ricci flatware piece.
Ricci Ascot Gold Accent Stainless Flatware FAM149975 0.00 <div>A classic design by Ricci-Argentieri accented with gold! Fashioned from Stainless Steel.</div><div><br></div><div>Ricci is dedicated to producing is sterling silver, silverplate, goldplate and stainless collections with exceptional quality and beauty. For the past five generations, Ricci has been in the vanguard in the research and development of new designs. Ricci combines classic tradition and flawless contemporary styling to produce the most exquisitely designed flatware available.&nbsp;</div> Ricci