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From their studio in Des Moines Iowa, the craft artisans at Sticks design unique style of object art, furniture and home accessories.
Sticks Love / Welcome Baby Picture Frame, 5x7 6FXZZ2260 0.00 <div>This hand-painted Love / Welcome Baby picture frame from Sticks is a whimsical and heartfelt gift to celebrate a new addition.&nbsp;</div><div><br></div><div>Fits a 5x7 horizontal photo. Made by hand with love in Des Moines, IA.&nbsp;</div><div><br></div> Sticks
Sticks Omaha Pedestrian Bridge Wall Plaque, 7" 6WALL0982 0.00 <div>This wooden 7" Omaha plaque from Sticks features a hand-painted design of an iconic landmark, the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge. A perfect gift for a local!&nbsp;</div><div><br></div><div>Features a notched back for wall hanging. Made by hand with love in Des Moines, IA.&nbsp;</div><div><br></div> Sticks
Sticks Small Activity Board 6WALL0853 0.00 Hand painted with inspiring words and images, this small activity board from Sticks is perfect for a busy family. Part natural cork board, part magnetic chalk board, this activity board is perfect for lists, mementos, activities, and more. Every Sticks original art piece is created by hand with love in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Sticks
Sticks Sarah's Garden Frame 6FXZZ2396 0.00 This lovely artisan printed picture frame with floral motifs, has the words "This is your Beautiful Amazing life" and "Cherish Family" on it. Sticks
Sticks Nebraska Home Sweet Home Handmade Frame, 5x7 6FRME0001 0.00 Show off your state pride with this 5"x7" Nebraska Home Sweet Home Frame! Completely handmade, this frame encompasses pure attenton to detail. Sticks
Sticks Angel Blessing Cross 6WALL1227 0.00 This cross features an angel with the banner "Christmas Blessings" on the front. Sticks
Sticks Live Life Tree Plaque, 7x7 6WALL1230 0.00 This Sticks Live Life Tree Plaque features a tree in the center with a sun on one side and stars on the other. The plaque displays the saying "Live Life to The Fullest" on the front. Sticks
Sticks Make Time Sweet Mountain Plaque, 7x7 6WALL1231 0.00 This Sticks plaque features the saying "Make the Time Sweet" on the lower front and a sun filled with mountains, a river and some trees. Sticks
Sticks Be a Friend Plaque, 7x7 6WALL1232 0.00 This Sticks plaque features the saying "Be a friend" on the front with and image of a shaggy dog and kitty cat. Sticks
Sticks Love Life Together Plaque, 7x7 6WALL1233 0.00 This Sticks plaque features the words "Love Life Together" on the front. Sticks
Sticks Tie the Knot Frame, 5x7 6FRME0190 0.00 This Sticks Tie The Knot Frame makes the perfect wedding gift! Sticks
Sticks Love Animals Plaque, 7x7 6WALL1238 0.00 This Sticks plaque features a keyhole on the back for hanging. This plaque makes the perfect gift for any animal lover. \ Sticks
Sticks Cherish Family Plaque, 7x7 6WALL1103 0.00 This Sticks Plaque features the saying "Cherish Family" on the front and has a keyhole on the back for hanging. Sticks
Sticks Be In Love Birds Plaque 6WALL1237 0.00 A perfect gift for newlyweds, this Be In Love Plaque by Sticks is a must! Sticks
Sticks Follow Your Heart Plaque 6WALL1239 0.00 Perfect for any wall, this Follow Your Heart Plaque makes the perfect addition to any room. Sticks
Sticks Hello Picture Frame, 8x10 6FRME0271 0.00 "Hello, Little Person" Picture Frame, "Welcome, Baby" frame with sun, moon and home motif. Sticks
Sticks Treat Dog Box 6BOXS0544 0.00 "Treat Time" Dog Treat Box. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are scattered around this box design. Sticks
InStock $ 180
Sticks Grateful Isaac Keepsake Box 6BOXS0545 0.00 This cheerful design mixes together inspiring words and imagery. Sticks
Sticks Bless Our Home Cross Wall Art 6WALL1224 0.00 This cross plaque by Sticks features the words "Bless our home" on a cross plaque with home and sky motif. Sticks