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Swarovski Necklaces

Shop classic and contemporary Swarovski necklaces in a variety of styles and lengths.
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Swarovski Attract Round Necklace, White, Rhodium Plating 6PEND1911 0.00 Keep it chic and simple with the Swarovski Attract Round Necklace. Timeless and elegant, this rhodium-plated design is ideal for any occasion and makes a great gift. Mix and match with other Swarovski jewelry pieces to express your unique style. Swarovski
Swarovski Angelic Rose Tone White Crystal All Around Necklace 6PEND1685 0.00 Go for 360-degree sparkle with this gorgeous new version of Swarovski's popular Angelic All-Around Necklace. Combining pavé and rose gold-plating, the timeless design will make you look and feel beautiful, and is easy to mix and match with other Angelic pieces. Ideal for weddings or other special occasions and gift giving. Swarovski
Swarovski Sunshine Rose Gold Medium Flower Necklace 6PEND2353 0.00 Swarovski takes us on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea. The result is a blithe and colorful collection that captures joyful summer vibes. On tanned skin, these compelling creations evoke you to let go and enjoy life on the seaside, rather than in any urban jungle. These pieces are your perfect companions for new adventures, moments and memories. Swarovski
Swarovski One Y Rose Gold Necklace 6PEND2350 0.00 Swarovski is renowned for reinventing traditional jewelry pieces in artistic and unexpected ways. This elegant rose gold plated design offers an inspired new take on the classic heart necklace, with its timeless clear and pink Crystals and on-trend Y silhouette. Delicate details in crystal pavé add a dash of sparkle. Pair with a Swarovski choker for a chic layered look. Swarovski
Swarovski One Silver Pendant Necklace 6PEND2349 0.00 This elegant rhodium-plated necklace reveals a heart-shaped stone inside a crystal pavé. An essential addition to any jewelry box, it will give your daytime style a playful sparkle and would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift. Swarovski
Swarovski Lifelong Bow Small Necklace 6PEND2346 0.00 The Swarovski bow motif, a symbol of love and eternal devotion, is interpreted in various ways: it can be found as motif on sundry necklaces, rings and earrings of this collection. Swarovski
Swarovski Lifelong Bow Rose Gold Necklace 6PEND2365 0.00 The Swarovski bow motif, a symbol of love and eternal devotion, is interpreted in various ways: it can be found as motif on sundry necklaces, rings and earrings of this collection. Swarovski
Swarovski Louison Necklace, Large, White Crystal & Rhodium Plating 6PEND2090 0.00 Dial up the glamour this festive season with the Louison Necklace: a daring design with a versatile twist. The dangling centerpiece can be detached and replaced with a clear stone if desired, enabling you to play with different looks. Inspired by fine jewelry and frosty winter leaves, this rhodium-plated statement piece perfect for gifting or creating a stand-out party look. Swarovski
Swarovski Attract Trilogy Round Pendant, White Crystal & Rhodium Plating 6PEND2094 0.00 The past, the present, and the future combine in this mesmerizing Attract Trilogy Pendant. Inspired by the concept of eternal love, this romantic design is timelessly elegant. The trio of clear crystals dangle majestically down from the rhodium-plated chain. The perfect gift for a loved one, it is a classic piece full of emotion. A matching pair of pierced earrings and a ring are available. Swarovski
Swarovski Sparkling Dance Heart Rose Tone Necklace 6PEND1468 0.00 Inspired by the idea of a ‘dancing crystal’, this elegant rose gold-plated necklace reveals a heart-shaped stone inside a 3D cage in crystal pavé. An essential addition to any jewelry box, it will give your daytime style a playful sparkle and would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift. Swarovski
Swarovski North Rose Gold Necklace 6PEND2388 0.00 Treat yourself, or a loved one, to this Swarovski necklace showcasing our new 'dancing crystal' concept. The design features a sparkling round stone that floats inside a rose gold-plated metal cage. An essential addition to any jewelry box, it will give your daytime style a playful sparkle. Swarovski
Swarovski Lifelong Heart Lariat Y Necklace, White/Mixed Metal 6GJ000255 0.00 A beautiful Swarovski design, this stunning necklace has a classic silhouette. Multiple dazzling stones dangle from the centerpiece to create an eye-catching effect every time you move. The heart-shaped element adds a hint of romance to the elegant look, whilst the mixed metal finish means it will be easy to combine with other pieces of jewelry in your collection. Swarovski
Swarovski Lifelong Heart Necklace, White/Mixed Metal 6GJ000254 0.00 This necklace combines a classic design with a modern twist. The mixed metal finish is the perfect base for the heart-shaped motif, whilst sparkling crystals add that unique Swarovski sparkle. An array of delightful details create an amazing look, which is perfect for thoughtful gift givers, or to give your own impressive evening wear a boost. Swarovski
Swarovski Lifelong Heart Pendant, White 6GJ000252 0.00 Classic chic meets modern design – this rhodium-plated Swarovski pendant is a perfect expression of our Lifelong Heart series. The heart-shaped centerpiece, and the large stone set beneath it, sparkle majestically. Delightful details add to the glamorous look and make this masterpiece the perfect choice for elegant outfits. A great gift for fashion lovers. The pendant comes on a chain. Swarovski
Swarovski White Tone Necklace 6GJ000559 0.00 Versatility is key for this chain necklace by Swarovski, which can be adjusted to different lengths thanks to a special sliding mechanism. Rhodium-plated hoops in various sizes intertwine with each other and dangle from the long chain. Some are covered with crystals for that special sparkle. Whether worn as an extra-long necklace or a double-wrap style, it will always look fashionable. Swarovski
Swarovski Attract Cluster Pendant, White and Silver Plated 6GJ000955 0.00 This pendant by Swarovski displays artful craftsmanship. It is adorned with three shimmering white stones: The central, drop-shaped element is complemented beautifully by two smaller, round stones. Delicate facets create a refined yet simple look, perfect for embellishing everyday outfits. The pendant is complemented by a matching chain and is a great match with similar pieces of jewelry. Swarovski
Swarovski Twist Rows Pendant, Blue and Silver Tone 6GJ000963 0.00 Celebrating 125 years of Swarovski sparkle, this pendant adds a novel twist to the spiral trend. Shimmering lines intertwine beautifully, embellished by rows of gleaming, light blue stones that create a glittering kaleidoscope of sparkles whenever they reflect incoming light. A matching chain that closes with a lobster clasp complements the pendant. A great addition to your everyday styles. Swarovski
Swarovski Tahlia Double Pendant, Pink and Rose Gold Tone 6GJ000965 0.00 This pendant by Swarovski is notable for its young and yet timeless look, highlighting the pure beauty of crystals. It prominently displays a light purple crystal, accentuated by clear crystal pavé which refracts the light. Its clear, youthful design is ideal for layering, while its timeless look ensures that it will remain a cherished part of any jewelry collection forever. Complemented by a matching chain, this pendant is a wonderful gift and a great addition to your everyday style. Swarovski
Swarovski T Bar Pendant, Grey and Gold Tone 6GJ000976 0.00 This Swarovski pendant expertly blends both organic and geometric outlines. A single, gray crystal glistens beautifully, with its slightly irregular drop-shape creating a beautiful display of sparkles through numerous facets. The pendant is complemented by a matching chain which closes with a lobster clasp. Easily combined with other pieces of jewelry, its pronounced design makes it well-suited for casual, everyday looks. Swarovski
Swarovski The Elements Necklace, Blue and Mixed Metal Tone 6GJ000982 0.00 Inspired by the element of Water, this necklace by Swarovski is as versatile as it is beautiful. It is adorned by three distinct shapes, including a gleaming crystal pearl, a large, drop-shaped crystal in blue shades, and a rounded, drop-shaped arrangement of sparkling blue and gold tone crystals set with Swarovski’s iconic Pointing® technique. All dangling elements are attached to the shimmering chain by a large spring ring clasp, allowing you to remove and rearrange them to suit your individual style. Easy to layer and stack with matching pieces of jewelry, this necklace is a striking must-have that will enrich your everyday looks. Swarovski
Swarovski Tennis Deluxe Mixed Standage, White and Silver Tone 6GJ000994 0.00 The timeless elegance and beauty of this Swarovski strandage will not go unnoticed. Numerous gleaming white stones are arranged on the shimmering chain, their round, square, pear, oval, and Trillian shapes creating a sophisticated look through a radiant display of brilliant sparkles. Worn together with matching pieces of jewelry, it is a splendid addition to your style for special occasions. A marvelous gift giving idea. Swarovski
Swarovski Attract Necklace, White and Rose Gold Tone 6GJ000997 0.00 This beautiful necklace by Swarovski exhibits brilliant sparkle and distinctive design. Square, round, and drop-shaped white stones adorn this y-shaped necklace, creating a timeless look. A slender chain set with additional stones leads down towards the neckline. The necklace comes with a lobster clasp and offers a great way to dress up everyday looks. Swarovski
Swarovski Treasure Pearl Necklace, White and Silver Tone 6GJ001006 0.00 Classic appeal and refined design distinguish this necklace by Swarovski. A single crystal pearl on a shimmering chain takes center stage, while the chain itself closes with a lobster clasp. The crystal pearl is embellished by a round white stone, whose sparkling facets accentuate its soft sheen. This necklace is a beautiful, timeless addition to everyday looks, and enriches casual outfits with a brilliant accent that is meant to last forever. Swarovski