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6 Haute 2024 Summer Earring Trends

It’s out with the old and in with the new summer earring trends. A burst of color is among our predictions for the season as we anticipate a rich palette for diverse and optimistic styles. So, what’s haute in the industry right now? Read on to find out. 

Shell earrings summer trend

Ocean Earrings

It’s a coastal summer and modern pearl earrings are making a splash. Is this even a surprise though? Pearls have been having their moment thanks to the bridal industry and their timeless appeal. But these aren’t your grandma’s pearls. Contemporary designs are more than your average stud, imbuing surprising elements at every turn.

Whether you’re by the seashore or not, shell earrings can add that coastal charm that makes you feel like a beach bum through and through. Shore up your summer attire with seashell earrings that complement both laid back beach outfits and workwear. 

Flower earrings summer trend

Garden of Eden Earrings

Ancient motifs come to life in snake and floral earrings. Our flora and fauna jewelry collection is fresh with a hint of daring. Flowers are in full bloom for summer and we couldn’t love the details on floral earrings more. Serpent earring designs are all about edgy. An age-old image, centered on rebirth and transformation, is finding new life in modern jewelry. 

Lagos yellow gold and black earrings summer trend

Colorful Earrings

As summer unfolds, color abounds. This year is experiencing a color explosion as the desire for creativity and joy intensifies. Expect to see earrings in bright oranges, electric blues, lively pinks, and multicolor options as well.  While not as vivid, black and yellow gold color pairings are trending this year as enamel comes into playoffering luxurious wear for both day and night. 

Multi gemstone cluster earrings summer trends

Cluster Earrings

Why settle for a single gemstone when you can have many? Cluster earrings answer this very question through their design. A floral arrangement of gemstones is perhaps the most common example of a cluster earring. Their compact design makes cluster earrings less prone to tangling or catching on clothing, a common issue with longer, dangly earrings. Style multicolor cluster earrings by wearing an outfit in a similar tone as the earrings. For example, a pair of ruby and diamond cluster earrings works with a deep navy dress. 

thin, large white gold hoop earrings summer trends

Big Hoop Earrings

Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate hoop trendsetter of our time, consistently sporting this favorite accessory of hers. Who better then to look to for style advice than the hoop earring icon herself? As JLo champions, find hoop earrings you can’t live without—the bigger the better. She also loves her hoops bedazzled. Take a page out of her fashion playbook and engrave your name on your supersized hoop earrings with our custom engraving service. Pricing starts at $12*.  

*$6 for additional like item 

pearl bow earrings summer trend

Bow Earrings

Bows, bows, and more bows. Bows are finding their place across all aspects of the wedding industry—gowns, shoes, cakes, decor, and more. Bow earrings are femininity to a T, reimagining the classic bow for today. Tie the knot with bow wedding earrings and feel like a true princess. The pictured pearl bow earrings play with multiple trends, ensuring you’re a chic bride.  

Be on the lookout for mismatched earring sets. Asymmetry is a major theme that designers are exploring and, by incorporating this into your daily wear, you could become a trendsetter yourself. 

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