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Men’s Necklace Length Guide

When shopping for or wearing a necklace, especially a men’s necklace, size truly does matter. The length of your necklace greatly adds to or detracts from the formality of your attire—something that, depending on the occasion, you won’t want to overlook. Borsheims is dedicated to the concept that different lengths do serve different purposes, which is why this expert guide will help you choose necklace lengths that best align with you and your lifestyle.  

Determining length from the start will significantly streamline the selection process. To initially identify chain lengths that suit you, we recommend an at-home method, so grab a tape measure and follow along! 

Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your neck. Then position it at the point where you want the necklace to rest. Hold the ends together and note the necklace size measurement. 

 A good length for a men’s chain falls within a range of sizes and depends on a variety of factors. Keep on reading below for a more comprehensive chain size guide based on standard men’s necklace lengths. 

Standard Necklace Lengths for Men

An 18 inch necklace is considered a choker necklace on a man. Men’s choker necklaces have gone in and out of style over the years and, while ladies choker necklaces continue to trend, men don’t seem to be embracing them with the same fervor. However, they have found their own niche among specific circles.  

Midas 20" men's chain necklace

 A 20 inch necklace lands just at the collarbone. It pairs nicely with many necklines and is appropriate for both pendant and non-pendant necklaces.  

This length might pose a slight challenge if you wish to conceal your necklace under a shirt. Although, if you prefer to leave your necklace exposed most of the time, a 20 inch necklace is a great length option.

18 to 20 inches is an ideal length for young men and teenagers. The range comfortably accommodates their smaller frame and neck size and falls at the collarbone or just below—a perfect spot for those who are still growing and can benefit from the versatility of these sizes.  

A 22 inch necklace is the average men’s necklace length and considered the sweet spot for most men. Falling a few inches below the collarbone, this length allows for a bit more visibility and is ideal for showcasing pendants over t-shirts or under open shirts. It’s worth noting that a pendant will alter the overall length of your necklace, a detail worth considering when building your look  

John Varvatos 24" chain necklace for men

A 24 inch necklace lies just above the sternum which ensures larger pendants, like a cross necklace or a dog tag necklace, have enough space to stand out due to the added length. 

Unisex yellow gold 30" round hollow box chain

30 to 36 inch necklaces hang at or just below the chest, offering a notable drop. Chains that fall within this length bracket are well-suited for accommodating larger, more intricate pendants.  

Men aspiring to breach the 36 inch threshold with an even lengthier chain should consider a lariat necklace. This no-clasp design typically features decorative ends, which can be tied or looped in various ways to alter appearance and length. Rope chains can also exceed this length (but with a conventional loop structure) and, like lariats, present a multitude of styling possibilities.  

A diverse collection of necklace lengths grants you flexibility in your fashion choices and the opportunity to add layers. It is inaccurate that you must commit to a single length; on the contrary, we say experiment away!

Choosing the Right Length for You 

When determining a necklace length, consider your body type, neck size, and the types of outfits you plan to wear it with. Men with larger necks or broader builds may prefer longer lengths for comfort and proportion. If you’re taller, longer necklaces can help to proportionately distribute visual interest across your stature, avoiding an abrupt cut-off that might occur with shorter necklace lengths. Conversely, those of shorter stature may find that shorter necklaces help to elongate their neck and create a more balanced visual effect. The goal is to select a length that enhances your natural proportions.